Das Aussterben (I)

-You can't count on anyone to help you - said the Voice.
-Shut up! You do't know them as I do. - replied Sotan. - You are wrong. People can be relied upon if you know them.
-You are indeed a poor fool.
-Then leave me alone.
-No. I cannot and I will not. You are an interesting being. Full of notions that you don't fully understand. Pure and uncorrupted. How sweet will be to see it change beneath the real world. That's what I crave. That's what my people crave. To enter someones mind and leave with them as they enjoy and most importantly go through pain. There is no sensation more pleasant than to feel your pain. Feel you suffer beneath your supposed friends. Feel you fall beneath Their motivations and their self-preservation. You humans are worms. You all are egocentric.
-I don't believe - spat Sotan. - We are a people of sacrifices and love. 
-You are selfish.
-And you are a pessimist and odious. I want you gone from my mind.
-Only when I'm fully sated. Only when I see you fall. For now let us think what must be done so you can release your shackles. The shackles they put it on you because your friends left you alone in the battlefield.
-They will come and then you'll be wrong.
-Poor fool. Alright let us say they will save you. Let us join our minds and escape. 
-We are already joined... in "my" mind.

As he tried to open the lock through a metal string he had found beneath the bed the Voice spoke:
-She will never miss you. Nobody will ever miss you.
-You lie.
-I do? Search your feelings. You know this to be true. I am inside your mind. You don't truly believe that she will sacrifice her life as your friends to help you.
Sotan stopped thursting the string into the padlock and sighed. 
-I will escape on my own. Help me and stop destroy my hope or else you will never be fully sated.
A laughter echoed in his head so loud that made him giddy.
-Machiavellic. I will stop for now.
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