Small Reviews: Olde Library (13)

It's been a while since I review several books at the same time but my time is very short...

Antibothis is a short stories collection printed here in portugal but in english. Bizzare is the name I could give them but they are pretty weak. I read it but I won't advice it to anyone. There is a story or other that it's good but in the end it's not that good. 2/10

The Hound of Death by Agatha Christie is a collection of short-stories. Once again Agatha shows us why she is the master storyteller of Detective stories. In here you will find several situations. Again the supernatural is rpesented here. My favourite tales is the Red Sygnal, The Fourth Man, The Witness for the Prosecution and the The Mystery of the Blue Jar. 8/10

The Lightining Thief by Rick Riordan. I read this book last April trying to read it before seeing the movie. There are some differences. First and foremost their age. Supposedly he is 12 years old but in the movie he has like 17 or 18. Annabeth is the worst case being 25 at the time of casting. At least she looks 17/18. But it's a big difference. At least Alexandra Daddario is as cute as it you can get. Then the movie suck because almost everything was made simpler. I was hooked up as Percy arrive at the camp and how he coped with everybody else. The greek gods references is also another great point to the story. I will read the next books and will give a better large review. 7/10

The Time Machine by HG Wells. A piece of fiction from another time. When science fiction was almost anything you wanted. There was no science fomr most things so you could write about anything and marvel the masses. Nowadays SF is another thing. You've got a dozen branchs but almost none are so innovating as Wells or Verne where on their days. The Golden Age of SF (and the Silver Age) have passed. But on this book in particular is a tale about time traveling. And what a journey it is. I really enjoy reading about the main character and the Morlocks. A fine tale that anyone should read it even if in the end they don't enjoy it. After all we are used to Star Wars, Star Trek or Avatar and now reading this novel is like seeing a movie from the 30/40's. The movie made last decade is also a good movie. Check it out. The book itself will not be for all people...
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