2011 Review

This was undoubtly one of the worst years of my life. Probably the worst. Personal things aside it was not also a good year of reading material. I've read almost half the pages of last year. So... This is something that I Want to change. So you can see, my average page per day was 45 against last year that was 74. had a goal of 80 so I get half. Bah...

Best books this year?

The Giver, Gathering Blue and Messenger by Lois Lowry.
The Long Walk by Stephen King
Pawn of Chaos by Brian Craig (Black Library)
Mark of Heresy & Mark of Heresy by James Wallis (Black Library)
Drachenfels by Jack Yeovil (Black Library)
Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons (Black Library)
My Work is not Yet Done by Thomas Ligotti
Aylmer Vance: Ghost Seer by Alice & Claude Askew  (One of the oldest book I've ever read. This stories were published before 1918).

Most of them I must make a review because unfortunally I messed up that too.
I've finish 58 books. 20 are from Black Library.

I really hope I can improve my performace. Reading, noawadays is my life. I can't fall on temptation of doing nothing.

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