Review: Death in the Clouds - Agatha Christie

Title -Death in the Clouds
Author - Agatha Christie
Year - 1935
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone - Story of Herculae Poirot 
Pages - 217
Reading Time - 5 days in November 2011

This was an interesting read from Agatha Christie. An Herculae Poirot novel and one of the best so far. This tale takes place on a flight from France to England. There a murder occurs and the now retired Poirot gets to solve another mystery not because he wants it but because he is one of the suspects (even if the authorities don't believe he has done it).

As the story moves on we get to see a couple of that characters interactions and as other Agatha Christie's books not everything is at it seems. We have the clues but I didn't find out the killer. I guess a normal people wouldn't have found out. I really wanted to meet someone who have found out a killer in a Poirot novel with only the clues. Not guessing. But the clues. Looking back there are some hints that Poirot knows who the killer his from the middle of the book but only in the end, which is similar all other books, he joins all or a couple of suspects together to dramatize the plot and unveil the killer. 7.5/10

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