Review: Crusade for Armageddon - Jonathan Green

Title - Crusade for Armageddon
Author - Jonathan Green
Year - 2003
Stand Alone or Series - 1st in Black Templars duology
Pages - 280
Reading Time - 14days in September 2007

Battle-weary Marshal Brant of the Black Templars returns home after leading his Space Marines to victory through countless campaigns. But all hopes of respite soon fade when they find their planet, Solemnus, under savage attack from battle hungry orks. After a desperate struggle, Brant finds his forces are all but destroyed and the honor of the Chapter stained with blood. His vow for revenge takes him to the fiery shores of Armageddon, a sulphurous world synonymous with war, and into the heat of battle!

 This is the first book of a duology (or at least only two were written so far) set on Armageddon and if you know about 40k this is a world locked in constant war. This story is set on the third armageddon war that confronts the Imperial Guard and a panoply of Space Marine chapters against one of the biggest Ork armies to set foot on a planet. We follow the tale of a crusade fleet of the Black Templars chapter; probably the most zealous and dedicated of all Space Marines, as they hunt a ork warlord that destroyed their home planet. The follow him to Armageddon and instead of joining the war like other Chapters they go on their own quest. If you  want a book with twists and such don't expect nothing here. This is a straightforward plot. 

The tale is told in three prespectives. First the Black Templars, the other a Warlord Titan with Tyrannus Maximus (already damaged and alone on the battlefield) and the last a Steel Legion Imperial Guardsmen with an important information and trying to get back to HQ. The plot in then converge the three viewpoints into a single massive battle against a factory for the Orks. 

Overall, nice book with great action but nothing that will make you want to read it again. Not the best printed by Black Library. But it's about the Black Templars Chapter so a must read for a afficionado. 6/10

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