Review: Traitor's Gambit - Sandy Mitchell

Title - Traitor's Gambit
Author - Sandy Mitchell
Year - 2009
Stand Alone or Series - Commissar Ciaphas Cain VII
Pages - 32
Reading Time - 1 day October 2011

This is a short story released by Black Library in one of their events. You won't get anything more here than other Ciaphas Cain novels. The plot was simple and direct (with only 32 pages we get only a small amount of information). We follow Ciaphas as Commissarial Liaison Officer to the staff of the Lord General as they arrive at the Deepwater System. Not a warzone but as to show all imperial citzens that they could count on the Imperial Guard. This is an almost mystery novel as we follow him to find out who the really enemies are and who's ploting against the IG. It's quite good but as I said before. Too small. 6.5/10
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