Review: Velocity - Dean Koontz

Title - Velocity
Author - Dean Koontz
Year - 2005
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 495
Reading Time - 8 in January 2012

Well here we go again. Wherever you check you read that if you like Stephen King you will like Dean Koontz but that's just plain wrong. Dean Koontz is a good writer don't get me wrong. But he is not at the same league as King. 

He writes small fast chapters (it reminds of James Patterson) with a quick and easy to-read story. 

Then we you start reading it goes so wrong. Billy is a bartender who receives notes mainly on his windshield that makes him choose one of the choises. First he informs the police and somenoe dies, or if he doesn't another person dies. After the first two victims someone close to him is going on the spotlight. As the tale progress we see Billy trying to understand who is doing this. 

There are some things that I don't understand. 
- Disposing bodies in a place where nobody will notice. Who the hell have a bottomless pit in the backyard? 
- He mistakenly dials 911 and the police comes to talk to him and even search his house. what? 
- Someone cares to explain what his wife had? I didn't understood. I really didn't. 
- A police officer gives information about an investigation via telephone without confirming anything? 
- How could the evil-doer able to do some of the things he did? At some point he seemed quite tranquil. Not even bothering that billy had a weapon. Walking in his house without Billy noticing. And other things like that. 
- And the ending. Wtf? Can't Dean Koontz end a book in any other way? That's the main reason I don't want to read any other book by him. Everything ends fine and everybody is happy. (Not even the consequence of disposing the bodies, saying in a telephone "Waste that bitch" and other things... 

I think the book will slowly fade out in my mind. 5/10
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