Thoughts XVII - Books Situation

Why do we stop readings the books we read? 

In 2007 - I stop reading 2 books
In 2008 - I stop reading 7 books.
In 2009 - I stop reading15 books
In 2010.- I stop reading14 books
In 2011 - I stop reading 4 books

I've stop reading some books in the last couple of years that Ididn't go back. I really didn't care about them. Others I stop reading for a while holding them back to read them whenever I feel like it. I am trying to finish some and I would like to finish everyone of them. I really don't like stoping at the middle, out of respect for the authors. Maybe someday things will change.

Some I really didn't care about the book. I was bored to death and trying for nothing like...

  1. The Book with No Name: It's was a boring book without anything good in my opinion
  2. The Devil's Day: Interesting theme but poor execution. I didn't care about any personages or story.
  3. Knowledge of Angels: Boring book, boring plot, boring characters (one-dimensional if that's possible.)
  4. Earth Factor X - Nothing good came out of it.I didn't even care what I was reading. I can't even remember the plot or characters.
  5. Only Forward - Interesting Setting and Concept but not to my liking. I think the characters were a little weak.
  6. Blood County - I must say... What? I didn't even underestand anything.
  7. Blood Eagle - Maybe I will return but in the end was a poor executed book which didn't grip me to it.
  8. Out of Ashes - Post Apocalyptic in their worst compenent. I really didn't care about any character or setting.
  9. Mass Effect - Revelation - I really thought that would give something new about Mass Effect World. It did not and I really hated the book.
  10. Age of Ra - I really didn't care about anything even if the Gods concept was nice.
  11. To Challenge Chaos - Confusion, slow as hell, and poor book. 
  12. Jennifer Goverment - I enjoy the setting and plot but the characters were too weak in my opinion. Made me hate the book almost...
  13. When the Wind Blows - I really like one of his book, the rest I gave up because all his books have the same pace and are boring as hell.
  14. Un-Lun-Dun - Interesting concept, interestnig plot but the story itself was slow and the characters so strange that I didn't enjoy them so I gave up
  15. Servatns of Twilight - I really wanted to read this book but I was boring myself to death.
  16. Meat - Another good book but didn't captivate me. I want to try again.
  17. Maiden of Pain - Started and after one month gave up. Trying again a couple of months later but I didn't work for me.
  18. Star Wars - The Force Unleash. - Again I thought it would enrich the game I was playing. I was so wrong.
  19. Planescape Torment - It read like the videogame without anything new.
  20. Queen of Blades - I really didn't care about anything. I gave up
  21. Impact - Intersting setting. Maybe I will return but probably not.

I will return. I must return.

  1. Do android dreams of electric sheep - Boring book I must say. Maybe in one time It was good but I t was so slow paced that I am feeling bored 
  2. Flood - Enjoy the theme, the characters were not that good - Will return.
  3. Northern Light- I found myself bored  with almost everything but will return.
  4. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix - With so many books out there why wasting 700 pages in one book I can see a good movie? but it's on my nightstand and I will finish and the rest of the books.
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