TV Series - Ice (Mini Series)

Post Apocalpytic fiction min-series? AWRIGHT!
Besides... It was made in England? Double AWRIGHT!
After seeing it... Total disappointment (I was writing what a pile of crap but it's too ofensive)

First these series start with the why all happenened, the apocalpyse itself and then an post apocalpytic journey.

A small synopsis/review/critic whatever:
A scientist says that oil companies are evil and they are damaging the ice in the Arctic polar region. Nobody cares. Then he goes there to stop them and fail to do it. The Ice melt and the Gulf Stream collapse bringing a new Ice Age. Strangley enough it appears in a couple of hours and all uk dissappear beneath 12 meters of Ice. 

Right! That would happen in a couple of hours. It's even more proposterous than the Day After Tomorrow.

Besides that the story it's... stupid. This scientist that is in Greenland when everything happened, helped by a woman fly in that storm and crash outside London where is wife, child, father and illegal immigrant are waiting. Of course the father sacrificies himself (I already knew it would happenend), of course the immigrant and the child fall in love, he get's reunited with them all, the woman who helps him die saving him... what else was "plausible"... hmm, oh yeah, band of pillagers are cordial and don't kill anyone, "only want what they have", plus the goverment is totally innapt but is able to save 30 million british in a couple of hours and the rest 40 million are left dying. Didn't I say that everything happens in 3 or 4 hours?

I only give him 2 stars. One for the grandfather heroism and another because the writer predicted that due to extensive immigrants the goverment would have to close it's borders.  Everything was a waste of my time. How much time you ask? 4 Hours! The same time that would take to someone to arrive from greenland to england, that same england to be beneath dozens upon dozen meters of snow and ice, save someone with a gps and head south and live happily ever after. 

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