Review: Galaxy of the Lost - Gregory Kern

Title - Galaxy of the Lost
Author - Gregory Kern
Year - 1973
Stand Alone or Series - 1st Cap Kennedy of 17th Saga
Pages - 125
Reading Time - July 2011

This is the first novel in a seventeen novel saga. Here we learn about Captain Kennedy, a spy/agent that acts as a judge, jury and executioner in any situation that threatened the peace of Terra Sphere (a federation of planets). A Free Acting Terran Envoy (F.A.T.E.). We also learn about the ship they travel "Mordian" and the crew/companions of Kennedy; engineer Penza Saratov, scientist Professor Jarl Luden and alien navigator Veem Chemile, a humanoid chameleon that says he is descended from the mythic Zheltyana, a powerful race that once rule the known universe. 

In these tale we are presented in a tale with Bermunda Triangle situation, set in space, where ships are dissapearing without any trace. Captain Kennedy and Saratov go aboard another vessel to uncover the mystery. They go to a place where a bunch of other ships have crashed and their mission becomes one of survival. The pace of the book is quite quick and with only 120 pages you couldn't expect much more. The story is good but nothing extraordinary. This is one of those tales that you read inbetween others and forget about it. Maybe in 70's this tale was innovative but nowadays there a lot out there way better than this Space Opera. 5/10
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