Review: Rage - Stephen King

Title - Rage
Author - Richard Bachman (Stephen King)
Year - 1977
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 211
Reading Time - September 2011 to February 2012

This was the first book printed under the name of Richard Bachman. In my humble opinion is not that good BUT is not without merit. A good main character and plot but....

Here we are presented with a boy (Charlie) who is being expelled because of an iccident. He snaps and gets his weapon from the locker and go to a classroom where he kills the teacher. As another teacher is arriving at the door he shoots him as well (these are the two only victims from Charlie). 

After this Charlie tries to talk to his classmate and here we are presented with a clear situation of Stockholm Syndrome as most of the students stand beside him. As the siege continues outside Charlie starts his own "psychotherapy" group as most students tell him and him to them about their various secrets. There is a try by the police to break the siege and Charlie is hit on the chest but the locker from his lockerroom saves him. In the end, there is only one student (Ted) who is held against his will and as he tries to escape the rest of the classroom bearts him. In the end Charlie release all students and the police enter and Charlie feign that he has a gone on his pocket and the police shoot him. 

In the end we read two letters. First from the court that found him not guilty but clearly insade and so he locked on a sanitarium and a letter from a student that befriend charlie and says that all outside are rooting for him.

This was an itneresting read but I didn't enjoy it. Something was missing that I can't put my finger on it.

Apart from this, Stephen King let the book fall out from print since there have been several shooting who have been found holding (or having read) this novel. 5/10
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