Review: Slave Ship from Sergan - Gregory Kern

Title - Slave Ship from Sergan
Author - Gregory Kern
Year - 1973
Stand Alone or Series - 2st Cap Kennedy of 17th Saga
Pages - 127
Reading Time - February 2012


This is the second book on this seventeen saga and we learn a little more about Captain Kennedy. In these tale a reptilian lord is mining a planet (Sergan) for rare minerals but to do this he needs manpower and the easiest way is by slavery through sub-contract slavers. Captain Kennedy of course is on the hunt for the people responsable for it. The ending is quite good but as a all it's not a interesting book. But I am going to go through the seventeen saga. 

I think that this is a good series (with 120/130 pages) to read inbetween more exhaustive novels. 
If you want to read a 70's novel try one of the best writers out there (underappreciated) Brian Stableford. I made a review here . This is a wonderful seriers of 6 books. This is the synopsis

"In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-Utopian worlds like New Alexandria to vermin-infested slums like Old Earth, starship pilots have become the great romantic heroes of the day. When Star-Pilot Grainger is rescued from a shipwreck, he finds himself pressed into reluctant service to fly the Hooded Swan, the prototype of a new kind of interstellar ship. He's also picked up an alien parasite that's determined to share his brain. Under these dire circumstances, can Grainger possibly stay out of trouble? Not a chance! Hooded Swan, Book One"

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