Review: Last Light - Alex Scarrow

Title - Last Light
Author - Alex Scarrow 
Year - 2007
Stand Alone or Series - Last Light #1
Pages - 4833
Reading Time - February 2012

Well, this was... I don't know. So I am going to give stars and take stars as I write the review...Something. After reading dozens books dealing with apocalyptic and post apocalpytic scenarios I don't know what to think about this one. 

The premises is simple. Due to the sabotage then shortage of the oil refinaries, the world is plunge to a dark age. Not the first writer to pursuit this scenario but it's not that common. (3 Stars for that) 

The "whys" we learn as we skip the pages but it's only in the last thirty pages that we know why really this is happening. And I always enjoy a conspiracy theory (2 Stars) but then the writer tries to link that conspiracy group to the old days of the Revolution of America and such. Alright... Now you've gone to far (Minus 1 Star). 

The Assassin Ash (1 Star), Andy (Minus 3 Stars), Rest of the family (couldn't care less). Why? Because each character is almost a hero. The Girl (lenora) who in the beginning only thought about his cute new conquest to a hero of the old greek ages. Andy who is in Iraq and is coming to his family. I truly hated this character. I really wanted to anyone to kill it. Thank the gods that Scarrow had the decency to kill him or else these book would receive 1 star total. 

I enjoy seeing the world falling to chaos but it was too soon, too quick. I always thought that people are just animals and only have laws because otherwise we would do as we please and be worse than barbarians. We are children of the dark controlled by laws and costumes. Nice one Alex Scarrow. (1 Star for that) 

I have the second book and I want to know where the author is going with this because the ending is after the all incident and people are just starting to recovery and to live a new dark age. And what happenened to the Twelve and the One Hundred and Sixty? Their plan worked. But can they rise like a phoenix from the ashes of civilization? 

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