Review: Drachenfels - Jack Yeovil

Title - Drachenfels
Author - Jack Yeovil (aka Kim Newman)
Year - 283
Stand Alone or Series - 1st of 4 book series
Pages - 2001
Reading Time - 5 days on August

Detlef Sierck, the self-proclaimed greatest playwright in the world, has declared that his next production will be a recreation of the end of the Great Enchanter Drachenfels - to be staged at the very site of his death, the Fortress of Drachenfels itself. But the castle's dark walls still hide a terrible secret which may make the opening night an evening to remember! Storming dark fantasy with the vampire femme-fatale Genevieve!


This is the first book by Jack Yeovil (aka Kim Newman) and what a read it was. In the beginning of the novel we see Genevieve, Prince Oswald and her band of adventures fighting the Great Enchanter Drachenfels. The novel is devided in acts like a play which gave the feeling of reading a script of one. 

After the demise of Drachenfels and several years later Detlef Sierck, a playwright, wants to make a play about that event. The first couple of chapters is about Detlef joining the right persons to enact the protagonists including the surviving members of the real battle to teach the actors. And from this moment on nothing happens according to plan and it was a nice tale of mystery in gothic scenery. The ending is quite good and I couldn't see it coming. 

If you want to read about vampires in Warhammer I would advice you to buy this book (there is a omnibus with all novels). I would also advice to anyone who wants to read a nice book of fantasy, gothic/vampire novel. 9.5/10
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