Review: Crime in Mesopotania - Agatha Chistie

Title - Crime na Mesopotâmia/Murder in Mesopotamia
Author - Agatha Christie
Year - 1936
Stand Alone or Series - Hercule Poirot Saga
Pages - 237
Reading Time - March 2012

 Another Poirot book read. I read these books in portuguese or else I would never read anything in my native language. 

Some Poirot books are great and others and interesting. The only one I didn't enjoy was The Big Four. 

In this tale Poirot arrives at the scene of the crime only a third of the book and Captain Hasting doesn't appear at all. I personally enjoy Captain Hastings narration but we work with what we have. 

A nurse is hired by a archaeologist to take care of his wife not because she is sick but because she of mental health. She is receiving some letters from the brother of her previous husband. Eventually she is killed and Poirot arrives at the scene. And it seems that someone from the expedition is the culprit and everyone has it's motifs. 

As I learn, Agatha Christie was married to archeologist so this novel but be a special one in her career. I enjoyed the novel and it's a good one. But the ending is not as solid as other novels by her. 

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