Review: Survival Instinct - Andy Chambers

Title Survival Instinct
Author Andy Chambers
Series Stand Alone but part of Necromunda Series (I)
Year 2005
Pages 256
Reading Time 18 to 27 June 2012

In the far future towering hive of Necromunda talk and lives are both cheap. Rival factions vie for political control of the hive city's upper reaches whereas further down they just struggle to survive. Choosing to leave her life of luxury, Mad Donna Ulanti's past catches up with her as she descends into the city's anarchic underhive and a few familiar faces reappear to make her life hell.


This novel was the first alongside CS Goto Salvation about Necromunda. The most famous Hive planet in the galaxy. It's here that the Imperial fists draw their recruits.

This tale is composed with 11 named chapters and each one divided with memories from our protagonist which added depth and history to her.

This tale we follow the adventures of Mad'Donna Ulanti, a hive noble living in the underhive to escape a past. From the beginning of our tale we begin to learn about the life in the Underhive and the schemes of the Hive City. We learn about the Houses and gangs and how are they related albeit superficially. We follow her as she tries to uncover who his after her and why. We visit plenty of sites in the Underhive as Glory Hole, Cliff Wall, Dust Falls, Two Tunnels and then Downtown. The end is near the Sump. There is plenty of confrontations, battles against ratskins, scavies and other strange beings. There is also a huge battle against scavies led by Mad'Donna with the help of all the gangs and enforcers. Quite interesting.

If you want to read about the Necromunda life or Mad'Donna, or the game itself then go ahead. Or if you want to read each and every book Black Library printed, as I, then go straight ahead. Andy Chambers wrote a interesting tale but at times it was a bit confusing. The characters besides the main characters are blank and weak. There are also some typos (Delaque, Delauqe and such) but nothing that make you wanna stop. 6.5/10
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