Review: Slayer of the Storm God by Nathan Long

Title Slayer of the Storm God

Author Nathan Long
Year 2009
Stand Alone or Series Gotrek & Felix #10.5
Pages 80minutes (32 pages)
Reading Time 1day (20 October)


Gotrek and Felix are in the port city of Marienburg when they stumble across a mysterious golden bracelet. Little do they realise that this is the very trinket dedicated to Stromfels – the ancient and evil Storm God – and he wants it back!

Our two heroes are attacked by the god’s minions and the bracelet is taken from them, but a stubborn and determined Gotrek refuses to relinquish it without a fight. Venturing deep into the Marienburg marshes in pursuit of the thieves, Gotrek and Felix find themselves confronting the embodiment of the Storm God himself…


eing the only Warhammer audiobook ever publish I thought it was a good story even if I don't appreciate audiobooks.

In this book we follow the duo through their adventures. This book should have been read after Elfslayer but if not there is no foul in it. There are references from the book and also minor characters. 

From the brawl in a tavern, to the war in the marshes and the dock of Marienburg it's full of fight. It was nice to see (hear) the increasing of reading of Danny Webb in the fight scenes. It was also nice to see a distinguish of Gotrek and Felix voices as well as other characters.

This novel we see Gotrek battle Cthullhu I mean the herald of Stromfels, the god of the hazards of the see. Well to be precise he is not a new god but an aspect of Manaan the god of the great rivers and seas. But revered as different deities. (Of course Stromfels cult it's prohibited due to dark side inherited).

I really enjoy the battles scenes and the plot. There is some elements of humor in it. Mainly from the people being sacrificied.

Nevertheless a solid reading and plot.

Reccommend to anyone who enjoys Gotrek and Felix or just wants to hear 90m of battles and black humor. 8.5/10

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