Book Review: Stargate Atlantis: Dead End - Chris Wraight

Title Stargate Atlantis: Dead End 
Author Chris Wraight
Year 2009
Stand Alone or Series 12 of Series
Pages 275
Reading Time 3 days (24 through 26 October)


Another book about our favourite group of SG. Well for me anyway. I am a Stargate Atlantis guy... well was since it ended a couple of years back... unfortunally. 

In this tale our adventurous group goes to a planet undergonig an ice age (or the beginning of one) after discovering that something was being research there by the Ancients.

Plainly this hasn't a plot per se. They enter a world where they are rescued due to a problem in the stargate that makes the puddle jumper crash. 

As McKay and Shepperd try to resolve the problem with the puddle jumper, Ronon goes hunting and Teyla tries to mingle with the population.

As the story progress they find that some people are being kidnapped from time to time never to be seen again. The ones doing are called Banshes and are impossible to resist since they emit something that makes one run with fear.

This is a fast paced book with nothing new. I didn't enjoy the Shepperd/McKay relationship because it didn't felt right. In the show everyone trusted McKay and maily Shepperd is a friend of McKay despise his arrongance. But on this tale it seemed that they hated each other or didn't had respect for one another. Oh Well...

But in the end McKay saves the day.

A point of interest is the bridge that McKay and Carter built to link the Pegasus Galaxy to the Milky Way is related with this novel. Well it explains how they were able to built it and the idea for it.

Not recommend unless you are a diehard fan. 4/10

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