Review: Dark Vengeance - Christian Dunn

Title - Dark Vengeance
Author - Christian Dunn
Year - 2012
Stand Alone or Series - Part of Series (Dark Angels)
Pages - 106
Reading Time - October 09 to 16, 2012


This is the follow up of the audiobook The Ascension of Balthasar. Here we find our heroes fighting the hordes of the Crimson Slaughter and at the same time avenge master Zadakiel and eliminate anyone who knows about the Dark Angels secret.

This novella is somewhat difficult to get into. And why I do say this? Because there are almost 25 chapters and with twelve, yes you read me correctly, twelve viewpoints. Most of them are in the first person perspective. But if you read the book in one, long take, probably would be better.

If you want you should read also Malediction from the same author because in some way it connects to this book and audiobook.

The main characters are Company Master Balthasar, Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, Librarian Turmiel, Ravenwing Sergeant Arion, Mortis Metalikus and it's brother Krannon the Crimson Slaughter leader.

This book must be hard to write to the over extensive characters and points of view. For that I take my hat to Dunn. Fortunally he is a editor for Black Library so he can do two jobs in one go.

This part of the tale is over but the quest for the Fallen never ends...

Would I reccommend to you? If you like Space Marines, Dark Angels for that matter, or have read Malediction and The Ascension of Balthasar then go on. If you want to start here. Don't. The price for this novella is also not appealing to anyone. 5/10

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