Dr Who - Season 01 - Ep 02

S01-02 - "The Daleks"
aka The Dead Planet

"The Dead Planet"
"The Survivors"
"The Escape"
"The Ambush"
"The Expedition"
"The Ordeal"
"The Rescue"

William Hartnell (First Doctor)
Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman)
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright)
William Russell (Ian Chesterton)

Place: Skaro

A mysterious planet where everything is dead. Even the animals are dead and are made of steel. They found an abandoned city but only the Doctor is interesting in see it but Ian and Barbara don't allow it because they just want to get home. After a malfuction of the Tardis due to the lack of mercurium they venture into the city and get separated. Barbara meets for someone or something.

In the next episode, Doctor, Susan and Ian encounter a room where they found a machine that show them that the radition  is at the maximum and they are suffering from radition sickness. Then the Doctor reveals that there isn't a problem with the Tardis. As they leave the room they find the "somethings" that capture Barbara and they are captured as well. Those things are machines salt containter alike.

The machine (Daleks) are questioning themselves why the Doctor and the companions are suffering from the sickness since the Thals do no suffer. The Thals live outside the subcity of the Daleks and they are not imnune but take drugs from time to time.

There was two races 500 ago between the Daleks vs Thals and most of them perish. The Daleks are protected in their city and cannot leave it and the Thals live in the wild who take drugs to survive. The Daleks want one of the companions to go outside and bring the drugs to them.´

She retrives the drugs and meets the Thals that are unaware of the survival of the Daleks. They ask for help because they can't cultivate anymore. Susan is to deliver a message. The Daleks have another idea and want to exterminate the Thals. Interesting is that the Thals were a warrior race that began the war and the Daleks were scientists and philosphers.

After escaping the Daleks Ian says that they must return to the city because the Daleks a part of the ship. The Doctor and Barbara want the Thals to fight for them and Ian and Susan tells that it's wrong using them. Ian convince the Thals to help them after blackmail them and showing them that they have some fighting  spirits in them. Meanwhile the daleks are experimenting with the radition drugs.

The conviced then the Thals to attack and after the initial confrotation they destroy the power energy of the Daleks and escape in the Tardis. 

Charaterization of the Doctor: Is demeanour continues between the Doctor and the Companions.

1 Note - Tardis food machine is first seen working.

2 Note - The Daleks can't move beyond the city.

3 Note - It seems the Daleks and the Thals are the same species with different mutations.

4 Note -  Exterminate!

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