Review: Manslayer by Nathan Long

Title Manslayer
Author Nathan Long
Year 2007
Stand Alone or Series Gotrek and Felix IX
Pages 416
Reading Time August 02 to 09, 2012

Now back in the Empire following their sojourn overseas, Gotrek and Felix head north, to aid the men of the Empire in their fight against the invading Chaos hordes. Stopping off in Nuln, they meet up with dwarf engineer Malakai Makaisson, who is helping the Imperial war effort by transporting cannons to the frontline on his airship, The Spirit of Grungni. After a series of nasty accidents, it becomes clear that saboteurs are at work - can our heroes find the villains in time to save the day?

The second book written by Nathan Long about Gotrek and Felix. As the previous one I enjoy it and read it quite fast. Gotrek and Felix are back in Nulm but this time the fiends are not the Skav... Beastmen as the officials say. The Skaven don't exist. It was the Beastmen that attack the city. The power of denial is strong on that city. 

Gotrek and Felix arrive to Nuln on their way to the north to fight Archaon. Fortunately they met Malakai Makaison that says that they can save a lot of time going on his airship that is due to leaving in a couple of days. Meantime things don't go as plan and it seems that someone doesn't want the airship and it's supplies to arrive there.

From there Gotrek and Felix try to find who are the culprits that have exploded the cannons, stolen gunpowder and destroyed half the lower part of the city.

This was an interesting reading because Ulrika is back and what a part she had on this tale. I start getting anxious to get my hands on the Ulrika Trilogy Nathan Long penned. The ending is quite good but the final battle isn't as good or difficult (even if the author says by via Felix that it is) as a Daemon or a Dragon or a full scale attack in Beastslayer. 

The epilogue is quite good because we get to see what is happening to Thanquol. That epilogue links to CL Werner trilogy about the skaven grey seer.

Although not as funny or good as William King I think it was a good choice making Nathan Long the writer of the trademark of Warhammer Fantasy even I would vote for CL Werner. 7/10
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