Review: ABC Murder by Agatha Christie

Title ABC Murders
Author Agatha Christie
Year 1934
Stand Alone or Series Herculae Poirot
Pages 256
Reading Time November 2011

Alice Ascher, a shopkeeper in Andover, is bludgeoned to death at her place of work. Next to die is Miss Bernard in Bexhill, then Mr. Clarke in Churston. More disturbing than the alphabetic sequence of the killings or the ABC Railway guide that the killer leaves at the crime scenes are the taunting notes warning Hercule Poirot before each murder.

Small Review
The are crimes being committed and the only common thing is a book of ABC (The names of Train Lanes in England) and every character name begins first with A, then B and so on. 
Poirot is played from the beginning with letters but after the first murders he gets the job. Interesting reading but not Agatha's best. 7/10


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