TV Series: Doctor Who - Fourth Season

This was the first season and only season with two doctors (with the exception of those who had both in the first or last episode). 

Most of this stories are incomplete or all missing. Unfortunaly.

The Second Doctor is quite different from the first. More action centered than the first. More concentrated. More playful. Always playing his flute. Hmm but better?


First doctor - William Hartnell (Until 028)
Second doctor - Patrick Troughton (From 029)


Polly - Anneke Wills (Until 035)
Ben - Michael Craze (Until 035)
Jamie McCrimmon - Frazer Hines (From 031)
Victoria Waterfield - Deborah Watling (From 036)


9 Stories (43 total episodes = 30 Missing)


028 The Smugglers (All 4 episodes missing)


029 The Tenth Planet (Episode 4 missing of Total 4) SAW

The first tale with the Cybermen. One of the best tales and the first with the second doctor. What a character. In this tale I bet that the producers didn't have figure it out what to do. A new doctor or a resurrection of the older? Quite frankly the second doctor performance was quite good.

030 The Power of the Daleks (All 6 episodes missing) - SAW

Again our main antagonists - The Daleks. This was a good tale. 

031 The Highlanders (All 4 episodes missing) 


032 The Underwater Menace (Missing 1 & 4 episodes of Total 4) SAW

Ahh the Atlantida. I was wondering if Doctor Who would dwelt on it. Quite good characters including the mad german scientist. What a cliche.


033 The Moonbase (Missing 1 & 3 episodes of Total 4)

The second tale with Cybermen. This one sets on the moon in a station that controls the weather of earth. But this tale is being attack my the Cybermen. Quite frankly a more action centered race than the Daleks. Even if not as evil as them. 

034 The Macra Terror (All 4 episodes missing)

Ahh The Macra. Good horror story.

035 The Faceless Ones (Missing 2,4,5 & 6 episodes of Total 6)

It sets on present day earth (at the same time of last season episode). You could say they are set on the same precise time. So you've got the first doctor and his companions on one part of london and the second doctor on the other. I quite enjoying but the ending was weak.


036 The Evil of the Daleks (Missing 1,3 & 7 episodes of Total 7)

Again the Daleks are the evil protagonists. In the XIX century the daleks want to control human spirit. Ahah. Quite good.

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