Doctor Who - First Season

Season 1 (1963–64) First Doctor

Each Chapter/Episode is divided in several smaller 25m episodes
William Hartnell (First Doctor)
Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman)
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright)
William Russell (Ian Chesterton)

001. An Unearthly Child 07/2013
001.a)"An Unearthly Child" - Saw
001.b)"The Cave of Skulls" - Saw
001.c)"The Forest of Fear" - Saw
001.d)"The Firemaker" - Saw
This was the first episode. It was a bit slow but I really like all characters. I really enjoy the theme and the first glimpses of who the Doctor is. I didn't even know he had a granddaughter. The The Doctor is quite a character.

002. The Daleks 07/2013
002.a) "The Dead Planet" - Saw
002.b) "The Survivors" - Saw
002.c) "The Escape" - Saw
002.d) "The Ambush" - Saw
002.e) "The Expedition" - Saw
002.f) "The Ordeal" - Saw
002.g) "The Rescue" - Saw
Ahh the mythic Daleks. I really enjoy watching even If thought a bit ... like a salt container. My opinion is that they are quite unusual for a evil race. Mechanoid but within a alien being. They have no arms. How do they built such a city? How they operate things with those mechanic arms? Oh well. Nevertheless an excelent beginning for one of the most notable races on SF.

003. The Edge of Destruction 07/2013
003.a)"The Edge of Destruction" - Saw
003.b)"The Brink of Disaster - Saw
This series gave us some information about the TARDIS and The Doctor's past experiences. I really enjoy them fightining inbetween themselves.

004. Marco Polo 08/2013
004.a) "The Roof of the World"
004.b)"The Singing Sands"
004.c)"Five Hundred Eyes"
004.d)"The Wall of Lies"
004.e)"Rider from Shang-Tu"
004.f)"Mighty Kublai Khan"
004.g)"Assassin at Peking"
(All episodes are missing)

This is the first episode that is missing. Several episodes (106) are missing. They were Wiped out. Some were found in homes of some people but others are completly lost. Some have the sound recordings so there a reconstruted audio episode. I try to hear it in Marco Polo but it's kind of bad. I watch a mini episode that comprised most the story of the seven episodes.

005. The Keys of Marinus 08/2013
005.a)"The Sea of Death" - Saw
005.b)"The Velvet Web" - Saw
005.c)"The Screaming Jungle" - Saw
005.d)"The Snows of Terror" - Saw
005.e)"Sentence of Death" - Saw
005.f)"The Keys of Marinus" - Saw
Each segment is a mini adventure within a larger goal if you like. The beach made of glass and an acid sea is the setting. Excelent. Arbitan is a great character. But again the Doctor performace is top notch. I really enjoy him. A bit silly but with his mind set almost oblvious to all.

006. The Aztecs 08/2013
006.a) "The Temple of Evil" - Saw
006.b) "The Warriors of Death" - Saw
006.c) "The Bride of Sacrifice" - Saw
006.d) "The Day of Darkness" - Saw
The problems with changing history. The Doctor gives a lecture to Barbara as she is mistaken by Yetaxa. It's unfortunate that we don't have much information about the changes that were made because of her. It would be nice to see...

007. The Sensorites 04/09/2013
007.a) "Strangers in Space" - Saw
007.b) "The Unwilling Warriors" - Saw
007.c) "Hidden Danger" - Saw
007.d) "A Race Against Death" - Saw
007.e) "Kidnap" - Saw
007.f) "A Desperate Venture - Saw
This tale is set completely on a ship where the crew are being held prisoner by the Sense-Sphere. This is set on the future. This is the first episode where Susan uses her ability of Telepathy.

008 The Reign of Terror
008.a) "A Land of Fear" - Saw
008.b) "Guests of Madame Guillotine" - Saw
008.c) "A Change of Identity" - Saw
008.d) "The Tyrant of France"
008.e) "A Bargain of Necessity"
008.f) "Prisoners of Conciergerie" - Saw
(episodes 4–5 missing)
The last tale of season one and one of the best. Set on France revolution this tale is quite quick (always moving between settings and characters).

Apart from a couple of stories almost all stories are good. My main problem with Doctor Who (First Season)  is the pace of the stories. They are all quite slow. Almost nothing happen. Our Doctor is the main character but the companions also help him and save the day. Something that would change in other seasons. For a person who never saw this series and love Doctor Who my opinion is go see it. It's the First Doctor. The one who start it all.

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