TV Series: Dr Who - Second Season

This season only one of the "Chapters" are missing two episodes.
Best Episode - The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


William Hartnell (First Doctor)

Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman) Until 010
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright) Until 016
William Russell (Ian Chesterton) Until 016
Maureen O'Brien (Vicki)
Peter Purves (Steven Taylor)


009 Planet of Giants
"Planet of Giants" -Saw
"Dangerous Journey" -Saw
"Crisis" -Saw


010 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
"World's End" -Saw
"The Daleks" -Saw
"Day of Reckoning" -Saw
"The End of Tomorrow" -Saw
"The Waking Ally" -Saw
"Flashpoint" -Saw

One of the most memorables stories in Dr Who (so far).
They arrive, finally, to London but not the year they were expecting. Great outdoor scenary. Great thriller music. A 
flying saucer, how original. The Daleks coming out of the water. Nice. First was the Meteorites. Bombarded earth 10 years ago.Then came the plague. Then came the Daleks. Masters of the Earth. What a small aligator haha - Nowadays standards this has poor sf effects but I can't forget that this was done in the sixties. haha :) This new enemy, and helper of the Daleks... The Slither. More beast. This was the last show from Susan.

Memorable Quotes
"She says she can cook?" Pointing to Barbara.
Looking to Susan; "And you?"
"I Eat!"

"We are the masters of the Earth" - Dalek


011 The Rescue
"The Powerful Enemy" -Saw
"Desperate Measures" -Saw

New enemies Koquillion
A new companion - Vicki appears (from XXV century)
Average tale.


012 The Romans
"The Slave Traders" -Saw
"All Roads Lead to Rome" -Saw
"Conspiracy" -Saw
"Inferno" -Saw

The first comedy on Dr Who. Humours. Black Humours. The Doctor and Vicki repeatedly missing Barbara in their wanderings through the palace, and accidentally giving Nero the idea to burn down Rome plan to burn Rome to build a new rome. Lovely.


013 The Web Planet
"The Web Planet" -Saw
"The Zarbi" -Saw
"Escape to Danger" -Saw
"Crater of Needles" -Saw
"Invasion" -Saw
"The Centre" -Saw

Very strange planet. The Doctor, since the Daleks seem stranger, always laughing and smiling and joking. Allying themselves with the alien Menoptra as they struggle to win back their planet from the malignant Animus and the Zarbi. 

Good SF with alien surroundings. Good tale.


014 The Crusade
"The Lion"
"The Knight of Jaffa"
"The Wheel of Fortune"
"The Warlords"
(episodes 2 & 4 missing)

Didn't watch because of the missing episodes.

015 The Space Museum
"The Space Museum" -Saw
"The Dimensions of Time" -Saw
"The Search" -Saw
"The Final Phase" -Saw

Another good tale about a museum in space and time. Straight forward tale of revolution.

016 The Chase
"The Executioners" -Saw
"The Death of Time" -Saw
"Flight Through Eternity" -Saw
"Journey into Terror" -Saw
"The Death of Doctor Who" -Saw
"The Planet of Decision" -Saw

This was the last tale where Barbara and Ian are shown.  Steven becomes, yet unwillingly, the new companion of the Doctor and Vicki. Daleks appears on this series. They are following the Tardis to annihalite him.

017 The Time Meddler
"The Watcher" -Saw
"The Meddling Monk" -Saw
"A Battle of Wits" -Saw
"Checkmate" -Saw

Another great tale. Here we are presented with the first kin (of species) of the doctor, besides his own granddaugter. 
Good tale about the repurcusions of changing time and history.


This season we accompany the last appearence of the original companions. I really enjoy this season. In my opinion is far better than the first. The Doctor evolves. After Susan departure and later Barbara and Ian the Doctor evolves into a more recluse character. Great performace by Hartnell.
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