TV Series - Doctor Who - Third Season

This is one of four seasons with few episodes completed and remaining. Much of the episodes have been purged by BBC and no copies exist.

Only the Number 23 (The Ark) and 27 (the War Machines) are completed. Everything else is either completly missing or partially missing. Of the 44 episodes of the third season only 16 remain. 

There was also great changes in the cast as all companions either leave or die. Not one of them survive the last series.

The Doctor ( William Hartnell)

Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) (until 020)
Steven (Peter Purves) (Until 026)
Katarina (Adrienne Hill) (From 020 to 021)
Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) (Only in 021)
Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane) (From 022 to 027)
Polly (Anneke Wills) (From 027)
Ben (Michael Craze) (From 027)


018 Galaxy 4

"Four Hundred Dawns"
"Trap of Steel"
"Air Lock"
"The Exploding Planet"
(episodes 1, 2, & 4 missing)

Two ships have crashed after a space battle, but the planet they have landed on is about to be destroyed. The beautiful female Drahvins seem friendly, but in fact it is the ugly Rills that are more tolerant and forgiving. 


019 Mission to the Unknown (Without Dr Who) - Saw

"Mission to the Unknown"

The only episode of Doctor Who without Dr Who. It's a prequel of some sorts to Daleks Master Plan. Excelent episode.


020 The Myth Makers

"Temple of Secrets"
"Small Prophet, Quick Return"
"Death of a Spy"
"Horse of Destruction"
(all missing)

The TARDIS lands outside Troy during the siege. The Doctor is captured by the Greeks and given two days to devise a plan for taking the city. Steven and Vicki are captured by the Trojans, and given two days to devise a means of banishing the Greeks. 


021 The Daleks' Master Plan - Saw

"The Nightmare Begins" - Saw
"Day of Armageddon" - Saw
"Devil's Planet" - Saw
"The Traitors" - Saw
"Counter Plot" - Saw
"Coronas of the Sun" - Saw
"The Feast of Steven" - Saw
"Volcano" - Saw
"Golden Death" - Saw
"Escape Switch" - Saw
"The Abandoned Planet" - Saw
"Destruction of Time" - Saw
(episodes 1, 3–4, 6–9, & 11–12 missing)

The Daleks plans to invade the solar system. Some six months after the events of "Mission to the Unknown", the TARDIS arrives on the planet Kembel, and the Doctor leaves the TARDIS to try to find medical aid for the wounded Steven Taylor leaving him with the Trojan girl Katarina. The first tale where a companion dies.


022 The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve

"War of God"
"The Sea Beggar"
"Priest of Death"
"Bell of Doom"
(all missing)

The arrival of the TARDIS in Paris in 1572 places its occupants, the Doctor and Steven in a dangerous siuation. Tensions between Protestants and Catholics are at fever pitch in the city. 


023 The Ark

"The Steel Sky" - Saw
"The Plague" - Saw
"The Return" - Saw
"The Bomb" - Saw

Ten million years into the future, the TARDIS materialises on a vast spacecraft called the Ark where the whole human race is bound for a new world 


024 The Celestial Toymaker

"The Celestial Toyroom"
"The Hall of Dolls"
"The Dancing Floor"
"The Final Test"
(episodes 1–3 missing)

The Doctor becomes invisible in the domain of the Toymaker, leaving Dodo and Steven incredulous. They step outside into a strange realem where the Doctor reappears, saying he recognises the place they are in. 


025 The Gunfighters 

"A Holiday for the Doctor" - Saw
"Don't Shoot the Pianist" - Saw
"Johnny Ringo" - Saw
"The OK Corral" - Saw

The Doctor gets his tooth pulled by Doc Holliday in Tombstone while Dodo and Steven literally sing for their lives. The travellers are caught up in the events leading up to the famous "Gunfight at the OK Corral". Mayhaps a why to try to sell this show to USA? Not so great story in my opinion. A tale with musical elements.


026 The Savages

4 episodes
(all missing)

The TARDIS materialises on a distant planet in the far future. The TARDIS crew find the planet inhabited by both the Elders and bands of roaming savages. 

027 The War Machines
4 episodes - Saw

The TARDIS lands in London, in Fitzroy Square near the Post Office Tower. The Doctor is unsettled by a sensation of a strange energy nearby.
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