Book Review: Sepron the Sea King by Adam Blade

Title Sepron the Sea King
Author Adam Blade (Pseudonym)
Year 2007
Stand Alone or Series  (Beast Quest, #2)
Pages 128
Reading Time  February 21, 2014


This new adventure is a bit weaker than the previous one. If what I enjoy are anti-heroes and evil characters, in a childrens book I don't expect that. I expect good values of life, for a child. Then when he grows up it's expected that he learns that the world is a bit different. That there are different kinds of lies, that not all that shines is pure and good. And so on... So I didn't expect Elena to convice our main character to steal a boat. That was unexpected. This is a straightfoward tale about Adam, his friend Elena (Both around 9 or 10), her wolf (Silver) and his horse (Storm) as they travel from land to land to find a free the beasts imprisioned by an evil magician, which never appears, well so far.

It's not very imaginative even by children standards of tv series. An this book was a bit quick. There wasn't really a challenge and all seems to easy...

Nevertheless my opinion still stands. This will be a nice introduction to my future, to born, well to be conceived, children to fantasy. I can imagine telling a tale per night, or so to him/her. 3/10
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