Review: Cypher Lord of the Fallen

Title  Cypher Lord of the Fallen
Year 2013
Reading Time May 07,2014

I read this small tale because Cypher is probably my favourite character in 40K. Unfortunally there isn't much information about it. Besides the audiobook Malediction and Easy Prey ( I have yet to read Angels of Darkness) I think the only thing I read was in some websites. This was the first time I read a book dedicated to him. And I think he is AWESOME 

So, after the dark angels have a secret, and to that secret remains one they have no bars or limits to where they go. They are dedicated to the Imperium and the Emperor but for that remain, they must not be connected to the Fallen. The fallen are Dark Angels who sided with Luther in t

heir civil wars. Some turn to chaos, some still fight for the Imperium but not with the Dark Angels and some have hidden agendas. But no matter what, they are Fallen Angels. Therefore they must be captured and repent. 

The Dark Angels (and their successor chapters) have so much shame that: The Dark Angels would willingly perform any act, no matter how vile, in order to capture Cypher.

After their very first few encounters, the Dark Angels began to realise that this Fallen might be different. Because of his unknowable motives, and because of his supernatural ability to escape time and again from their clutches, the Sons of the Lion began to regard Cypher with growing wariness. 

It is likely the Dark Angels experienced their first run-ins with the Fallen identified as Cypher during their quest to discover new recruiting worlds. There are over a dozen entries recorded citing mysterious circumstances, acts of sabotage and casualties amongst both the Dark Angels and their potential recruits. These attacks influenced which worlds were originally chosen (or not chosen, as the case often turned out to be). 

 A few of those in the Inner Circle – not the Interrogator Chaplains, but those of more open minds – consider another possibility. Perhaps Cypher is trying to repent, trying to redeem his Fallen brethren’s deeds, or to steer Humanity away from some predestined course known only to himself? Those who feel this way are silent, for this is actually a more frightening thought – it would mean the Dark Angels are on the wrong side once again… 

 At times, Cypher has been linked with demagogues, those who rise up to agitate the masses, while at others he has been associated with military commanders. With unnerving regularity, Cypher will arrive at some critical flashpoint, his presence kicking off a violent chain of events time and again.

Among his confirmed kills (according to Dark Angels records) have been planetary governors, Chaos Space Marine Warlords, Space Marine Chapter Masters, sorcerous covens, cult leaders and high ranking Inquisitors. It is a paradox how, within a span of only fifty years, Cypher’s deeds could result in the slaying of the evil and corrupt Warlord Favian the Golden of the Flawless Host, as well as the stout and loyal Bartholomew Loxlor, Supreme Grand Master of the Angels of Absolution. 

The Imperium had sent fleets, armies and assassins to end the rule of Overfiend Tyrannex, Scourge of the Drakeburn Sector, and all efforts failed with lives in the hundreds of thousands lost. Yet Cypher alone was able to locate the Overfiend’s fortress, penetrate its defences and gun the miscreant down – instantaneously freeing billions from Tyrannex’s unnatural subjugations. Because of all this: Of all the Fallen, none is as hated, or indeed feared, by the Dark Angels, as the enigmatic individual known as Cypher. 

 Some interventions of Cypher; 
822.M33 Battle of Vermilac Prime 
Cypher’s timely intervention prevents the Orks from looting the Lion Helm and the Sword of Secrets from the slain body of the fallen Supreme Grand Master Alloken.

997.M33 Saviour of Praxus 
The Angels of Redemption find sedition upon one of their own recruiting worlds. Cypher, under the guise of the Saviour of Praxus, has been manipulating recruiting practices, handselecting and training the feral warriors to increase their chances of being chosen. He escapes before he can be apprehended. 

200-500.M39 Within The Eye 
Although it is unknown to the Unforgiven, Cypher spends this period inside the Eye. There, for a time much greater than the years that pass in realspace, he makes contact with various groups of Fallen. It is during this time that he makes further alliances with the Legions, in particular the Alpha Legion. Reports of Cypher continue to haunt the galaxy, with the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters chasing false rumours – some planted long ago by Cypher himself.

976.M41 Liberation of Amadis The events of the audiodrama Malecdition 
Cypher makes an appearance during the final battle of the liberation of Amadis, arriving in time to rally the last few defenders in the face of Chaos Cultist wave assaults. Only a single trooper from the planetary defence force survives and he swears an oath to the mysterious robed stranger never to reveal the truth of what has happened, never to mention the rogue Space Marine’s presence. When the lone survivor greets the Dark Angels as they arrive to mop up the remaining foes, he does not mention his mysterious saviour. 

989.M41 Escovan Campaign 
Little is known about this series of events, except that following several bloody battles the Red Corsairs vowed to slay Cypher. 

998.M41 Black Templars Incident 
A Black Templars Strike Cruiser, Ophidium Gulf, assists a Dark Angels force in pursuit of the individual known as ‘The Voice of the Emperor’. After hard fighting, the Black Templars succeed in capturing him – although are later embroiled in a dispute with the Dark Angels, during which both Chapters briefly engage in battle. Although ultimately taken into custody by the Dark Angels, the robed captive mysteriously escapes and the Ophidium Gulf is lost. At the behest of the Black Templars, the Inquisition is called upon to investigate – results are pending after the disappearance of Inquisitor Archibald. 

786999.M41 Who Hunts the Hunters? While observing the Ravenwing and Deathwing work in conjunction to capture a prisoner, Inquisitor Rasputin believes he has, at last, solved the riddle of the Dark Angels. As he turns to leave the battlefield, only his lightning-fast reflexes and a nigh-impenetrable force field allow him to survive the flurry of shots that would have slain him. Even as a hooded figure advances upon his position, a new conflict breaks out. Ravenwing troops on bikes have picked up Cypher’s trail and pursue him as he attempts to gun down the Inquisitor before escaping. Rasputin never makes his final report, and once again, the Ravenwing return empty handed from chasing Cypher. 

So the question remains. What's up with him? Is he a friend or a foe? Is he loyal to the Emperor or the Imperium or only to himself? No doubt that he is trying to do something. But the question remains. It's interesting that one of the few allies he has are imperium troopers and he frequently allies himself with the Alpha Legion - probably the most underrated of all legions. As Cyher, the Alpha Legion, true allegiance are mysterious. It's my belief, and my only, that they both have only the good intentions for the Imperium even if they hate the governing body. 

 Taken from another book... 
"Despite its seeming allegiance to Chaos, a closer scrutiny of the Alpha Legion's known history indicates that their seeming service to Chaos Undivided might actually be the greatest deception they have played upon the Imperium." 

 Note: The dataslate and countless information for the game I skipped ahead because I don't play the game.

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