Review: Epos the Flame Bird - Adam Blade

Title Epos the Phoenix Flame Bird 

Author Adam Blade 
Year 2008 
Stand Alone or Series (Beast Quest, #6) 
Pages 124 
Reading Time 06 May 2014 

Tom and Elenna must journey on to face the last of the Beasts enslaved by the evil wizard Malvel: the Winged Flame, a phoenix of terrible power. It has been been slowly awakening a long-dead volcano. If Tom and Elenna cannot stop the Beast in time, it could mean a deadly eruption.

Wow, this book was... well... hmm... the same as the last four. The review, should be a copy paste with some differences. Maybe this one was a little better than the last four. At least Elenna didn't get into trouble. 

This book focus more on his father whereabouts, on the Beast and the Evil Wizard. In the end he met King Hugo who thank him because he had done what no grown man could have accomplished. 

This book, as I said before, was better than the last four. If you are going to start this series, just read the first and the sixth. Everything inbetween it's the same old same old. I get that this series are to boys and girls with seven or eight years old. I Think they will fill their minds with adventures and that's good but are two or three things that upset me. 

First The boy almost every time saves the girl. 
Second It follows the same plot every time (with the exception of the sixth book). 
  Unimportant boy gets lost and meets beast (but nothing happens). 
  Tom and Company meets some villagers who have some problems that they solve. 
  Tom meets Beast. Elenna gets into trouble. Tom saves Elenna. 
  4 Tom defeats (without harming) beast. Beast gives reward (that will be useful in the next book). 
Third In the second book, Tom and Elenna steal a boat because it was the right thing to do. I say, a seven year old can understand the difference between a white lie and a lie? Of what is wrong or bad? Can a seven year old understand the concept behind Robin Hood? I think not. This situation could lead into a boy dwelling on stealing or lying because he thinks he's right. But maybe that's me. 

Notwithstanding, I think these books are good books to children. I have more twelve books to read. But not now. Maybe in a couple of months. 4/10
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