Review. The House by Bentley Little

Title The House

Author Bentley Little
Year 1999
Stand Alone 
Pages 368
Reading Time April 05 to 15, 2014

Five complete strangers from across America are about to come together and open the door to a place of evil that they all call home. Inexplicably, four men and one woman are having heart-stopping nightmares revolving around the dark and forbidding houses where each of them were born. When recent terrifying events occur, they are each drawn to their identical childhood homes, only to confront a sinister supernatural presence which has pursued them all their lives, and is now closer than ever to capturing their souls...


This is my second review for this novel. It was one of those books that didn't work for me globally. It was really interesting the prologue, which unfortunally didn't led anywhere. The book itself had five characters and each chapter was dedicated to one character. Some characters had really interesting stories but others were almost identical (maybe that was the point). 

Each character was connected to a House they lived and each one had some connection to a caretaker and to a girl. This girl in one point or another seduced the inhabittants of the house and I must say that some parts where Little depicts a thirteen year old girl saying "F*** my a**, like your dad likes to do" was kind too much but I understood the point. 

I think the book tried to hard. So many characters, with so many stories were a bit too much to me. Only in the end I get to know which one was which. 

Is it a good book by Little? No. I am sorry but I don't think it's his best or nearer. But it has some good points. The overlapping Houses and the war between the shadowlnand and our reality was interesting (but not that developed in my humble opinion). The girl was also an important part but I think that she was not that developed as well. It was a bit vague. I mean I really want to know more of her. Of what was her/it intentions. The ending itself was a bit weak. Vague and in my opinion didn't brought a closure.

But if you are a fan of Bentley Little read it. If you are a new, then I advice to read The Store; The Association or even The Mailman. They are way better. 6.5/10
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