Year 2014

This year of 2014 was an interesting one in terms of personal life and book reading material.
First of all, I got married and we are expecting a child - to be born in the end of June. I am working hard as hell this couple of months, and my new mobile phone is not helping, so my reading dropped immensely from January to December. Nevertheless my goal of 80 books was surpassed to 91 books. I must confess that audiobooks were a part of my new reading habits. I truly hate them but since I can do it while working I can't complain to much.

Some of my favorite Books

Lost Fleet #1: Dauntless - Jack Campbell
Lost Fleet #2: Fearless - Jack Campbell
This sci-fi series are truly good. They are not boring as other hard-scifi books outhere and focus mainly in war in space plus there are some excelent characters and politics involved. My only complain is the lack of character of the bad guys. They are just there. Review to come.

Caves of Ice - Sandy Mitchell
Great book. A re-read and I was truly impressed the first time and the second time it was even better since my knowledge of 40K world is improving.

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring -  JRR Tolkien
I had forgotten how beautiful this book is. See review here

The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain #1)  Lloyd Alexander
Great YA fantasy book. The first of five. Review Here

The Last Days of Ector (Warhammer 40,000) - Guy Haley 
The best 40K book I read this year. One of my favorites. If you want a dark grim book - look no further. There is no happy ending. Review here

The Matrix by Jonathan Aycliffe
My favourite horror story this year. No doubt. - Review Here

Now my goals to 2015
Since my child is going to be born and my reading time will not be bigger I will aim for 66 books. One for each week plus one audiobook per month.

My goal in terms of books:

Read two (2) Vampire Hunter Book
Read eight (8) Herculae Poirot (since they are in portuguese should be easier)
Finish Lost Fleet six book saga (four to go)
Finish at least three trilogies already started
Read twelve (12) Black Library books (at least)
Read one (1) of the following authors
- Dan Simmons
- Kim Stanley Robinson
- James Rollins
- Terry Pratchett
- Stephen King
Finish two Dune novels (The rest will go to 2016)
Finish Harry Potter novels
In January/February read books prior 80's

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