Movie Review: Maze Runner

Today I've seen two movies. That's a lot for me. Usually I don't even see a movie per week. But after being left alone in the house because of my flu I watch Maze Runner and Apollo 18.

Maze Runner
I recently heard the novel at work and I enjoy the book. There was some problems with it but it was a good series. I can't say the same for the second book but...

Now, the movie:
I have some problems with it. Most of the tale was there, albeit much much less, but there. So, why Theresa never spoke in Thomas mind? Why, only 7 gladers left the maze since in the second book they were 21? How will they cope with that? Gally tried to kill thomas with a knife but in the movie it was a pistol... where did he get it? In the book, the woman greets the gladers then they are killed by man but in the movie she is already dead before meeting the gladers leaving a recording.

The movie left so much to be desire. Weak and gave no richness the book gave. I felt no sympathy  between Chuck and Thomas (in the book I understood the sacrifice, in the movie they had barely spoken five sentences). I think this movie needed more half hour. Let us hope for the second movie while I read the third. Not because I want but because I need to finish the trilogy. The second book is almost useless. Skipped it and stay with the world the writer created the first...
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