TV Series: The Librarians (Season 1) Noli timere malum, sed time heroa

I've recently finish watching the new series from SyFy The Librarians. I really enjoy it. It had so much of the movies that it really felt the continuation of the movies.  Even Noah Wyle appeared in four episodes. Supposedly a new organization wants to unleash magic into the world and the Librarian must thwarted them. After an initial confrontation the "Library" as gone to astray and Noah must focus all his attention to deal with it. But, the Library, being almost sentient draws near three new librarians plus a guardian... lo, them:

In the image we've got the first library thief Ezekiel Jones, we've got the mathematician who has auditory and sensory hallucinations linked to photographic memory and a cancer in the brain -Cassandra Cillian, then in the middle we've got the gorgeous guardian Eve Baird (NATO) and the last Librarian Jacob Stone who his expert in art and architecture and last but not least the curator of the annex Jenkins.

The interesting of this show is that it maintain the films pseudo-history lessons, comic wit and action scenes. The producers also gave some important twists that put me hold waiting for the next episode like Cassandra. Undoubtedly the best character in the series. She begins to double-cross the other Librarians to save herself then trying to redeem herself as her ego builts up throughout the first season ending with her almost bossing around the other two librarians. 

It had some great episodes and easily followed even for someone who never watch the movies. The ending gave me two feelings... Why only 10 episodes and why Noah came back? The Librarians were growing as full-lengthened members. Now, Noah returns and sends them each their own way. It doesn't make any sense.  They were a team that use each one ability with Eve controlling them.

Let us see, if there is a Season Two and where shall it go... Nevertheless, well worth seeing.

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