Anime Review: Seraph of the End - Season One (Spring 2015)

Season One - 12 Episodes
Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalpytic, Vampires
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I always enjoyed animes. I am not a fan but I enjoy the japanese cartoons and "way" of life. This one was the first series I watch from beginning to end in one week.

Seraph of the End

The story is set in 2012, when the world comes to end at the hands of human-made virus. Only children older than 13 didn't died. At this time the Vampires come to "life" and start kidnapping children making them donate blood for the price of protection for other beings that now stalk the earth.
The story follows Yuichiro and his friend Mikaela, both orphans, who are captive in a city beneath the earth. They plot to escape and in the time of that action the vampires retaliate and kill Mikaela and all other orphans friends of Yuichiro.
Several years have passed since that escape and still Yuichiro wants to fight vampires but for that to happen he has to belong to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army specially the Moon Demon Company and to have a cursed weapon (possessed by a demon) which eventually he became part of it along with his new friends...In the last episodes the vampires went to war and destroy several parts of the cities controled by the JIDA.
In the final battle Yu finds out that Mika is not dead but a vampire. There is also a transformation of Yu into something else not that much explained but with power to kill vampires at easy and even fight noble vampires on the same ground.
The last episode ends with Yu coming awake from this episode and Shinoa trying to understand what Yu is and what is happenning.
OVerall, I really enjoy it. Everything works out great. The characters have the same background but each one is different. The big guys from either vampires and the army know more that they are telling of what happened. There is also guys and girls older than 18 (13 + 5 years in captivity) - so from where they have come? I thought they were dead..
There is room for another season or more. It's coming back in October. :) 

Yuichiro escapes and vows to kill every vampire. 

There's Shinoa Hiragi the young leader (with his purple hair), who first was charged to changed Yuichiro to become a caring boy instead of a revenge-ridden boy.
Then there is Yoichi Saotome who is light-hearted and friendly towards everyone, he wants to revenge his sister but it seems he doesn't have the guts to kill anyone. There is also Shiho Kimizuki, another boy who only thinks on killing vampires. He is also a rival of Yuichiro but as they work together they became friends. The last of the Company is the yellow haired girl called Mitsuba Sangu.

Towards the end of the first series, they gain their demon weapons. Yu earn a sword that belongs to Asuramaru, Yoichi a bow and Shiho two swords. Shinoa had already earn one weapon - a big enormous scythe.

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