Movie Review: Robot Overlords 2014

So, Robot Overlords - I watch this movie when I went to work, at lunch and at the return and boy I want my time back!

This movie deals with a invasion of an alien race (robots) that imprisioned all humankind. They defeat us in under 7 days... (quicker than god you know?)

So humankind is implanted a neuro thingy that allows the robots full knowledge of our whereabouts.... it's a modern GPS implant.  Anyone caught outside their homes will be shot - disintegrated....

The special effects are good for a Irish/english movie and they got Gillian Anderson to do a small part - yes, a small role. She is in the movie no more than 10m alltogether...

So, what do I think of this movie?

Yep, there is no story at all - they are controlled by the Robots Ovelors plus some humans who sided with them. There is also a boy who learn that he can control the robots with his mind. The Robots who have mastered technologies beyond our compreenhsion don't have an anti-virus or firewall and are fvck up by this boy. It's better than Neo in Matrix.

- If the robots wanted to assimilate everyone thoughts why wait 5 years?
- If they imprisioned everyone how do they learn about our ways?
- The cubes in the air consume so much power that I would love to know how they support themselves? Air?

Reasons to see this movie:
- because your infant wants it
- you follow gilllian anderson no matter what since x-files
- you're irish
- and that's it...

The reedeming factors were:
- Ben Kingsley being the bad guy.
- Ellen Hunt performance (not helen hunt...)
- Can't remember anything more... It's bad.
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