Movie Review: The Dunwich Horror (1970)

As the title implies this novel deals with Lovecraftian Mythos. Particular the story "The Dunwich Horror"  and the fate of Dunwich. Well, we've got Wilbur Whateley portrayed by Dean Stockwell and Nancy by girl sensation Sandra Dee. 

The story is set first in Arkhan as Wilbur try to recover the Necronomicon from Arkham University but failed because of Professor Armitage. Then Wilbur seduce Nancy and drug her. Afterwards he tries to make some ritual to release Yog-Soggoth.

I think this movie is not that good and didn't survive the test of time (after all it has 46 years old).
It's a slow movie with little thrill to the watcher. Nevertheless I think the characterization was good (from every character) and it developed quite nice (mainly Wilbur and Nancy).

Should you watch it?
Sure if you are into the horror from the 70's.
But if you want gore or get a fright then you are not getting here... 
If you love Lovecraft as I, then you must watch it.

There is an excelent review Here

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