TV Series Review: Scream - Season I 2015

What starts as a YouTube video going viral soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past.

This has been an interesting show. I didn't expect this much for a MTV show. But I've been suprised over and over.  They proove that none is safe and most characters have been killed.

First a video of two girls making out and in the next day one of the uploaders is killed. Emma started to receive calls taunting her. There is no suspects but the murder remembers something that happened 20 years before.

And Who's a suspect we don't know... Then in the next episodes some minor characters are killed... but one of them was a little different. One of the girls from the video is killed by hanging a different MO from the other gruemsome killing. What does it mean? We all think will was the killer and then he died. We thought Jake was the killer and he is stabbed in the heart (and didn die... so wrong producers!!) But who stab him?

So now the last episode is up and we've got some suspects...

Emma Duval  She is in the center of it all. She is taunted by the killer saying that all of this is because of her and her mother.

Audrey Jensen She can be the killer because everyone made fun of her (with the lesbian film). But she is a petit woman. The killer is quite tall...

Noah Foster She is obessed by the previous killer and he knows all about killing and motifs and cliches in the slasher films. If this guy is the killer then it's awesome. 

Brooke Maddox  A girl from the upperclass that in ten episodes turn from "high-above-you" to a down to earth girl with feelings. Something she didn't had before. I think, in my opinion, that she is the best character in the show in terms of development.

Sheriff Clark Hudson Who is he? He investigates all murders and cannot be the killer because he is imprisioned in the ninth episode. 

Maggie Duval She is Daisy. The previous assassin's lover which had a child (probably the one doing all the killing). She cannot be the killer.

Jake Fitzgerald (Ahh.. the guy who has every possibility to be the killer. He is upper class like Brooke and a jerk. He is not that smart. He blackmail Brooke's father just for fun and spied on most girls via webcam and malware. He could be the killer BUT that would be a cliche... Which this story have a lot BUT I think in the terms of the killer they are not going give

Kieran Wilcox  A new boy in town, son of the Sheriff a new lover of Emma. He was one of the prime suspects since most of the times something bad happened he wasn't around. The show itself try to frame him... 

Will Belmont Emma's boyfriend - Most suspecions acts belong to him. I bet he was one of the first to be pointed the Killer, until Emma killed him (indirectly)

Piper Shaw   This girlie to me is one of the prime suspects because she appear in the city after the first killing and she is a reporter having befriend Emma with ease. In the 9 episode she said Emma that after meeting with Brandon's mother she discover that Kieran was the son of Brandon. There are some other actions that make her being one of the prime suspects. In one episode that will is capture she confronted the killer and got away with a smack in the head. Why? 

Seth Branson This guy from the beginning was one of the prime suspects. First he was spying on the girls (through webcams) and it was banging Brooke (a minor I think since they weren't in the university).

After seeing the last episode I was not suprised that Piper was the killer. But I also knew that one was not enough since most of them were attack by the killer in some episodes. So who was the second killer? Who else but the girl who shot the killer before she start talking about the plot and the ways (the same cliche of all other movies... why the killer doesn't kill outright and gloat later is odd to me - it seems we have to justify to them why we are killing them (and I say not because I am a killer right?)

---- But Audrey? Why? She hated most of them - but did she hated Emma or Noah? What were Audrey reasons? Well, in no way it is said or explained that she killed someone. We know that she exchanged letters with Piper and help her but did she kill someone? Did she killed her girlfriend because she found out? Mayhaps in the second season this things will be explained... But one thing I know for sure ---- If audrey was the second killer and she is small, how come in the episode they smack Will (and Piper) the killer was bigger and will? Will was taller than audrey... so................ A third killer? Or something nobody thought about? 

Either way, I really enjoy the series. It had some gore, mystery and drama. I didn't enjoy that much Emma but I really enjoy Noah and Brooke. 

These series are full of cliches. They mash together dozens upon dozens films (mostly slasher) into a series. Let us see what the second season bring us.

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