Movie Review: Bloodsucking Bastard

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015) - I watch this movie in the train. It took me three voyages (1h30 total) and I really enjoy the movie. It deals with a bunch of characters that work in a call center selling several needless things. Our main character (Evan) is a guy who have just screw things with his girlfriend "Amanda". He his a 30'ish guy who is an acting supervisor, works hard but nobody respects him. Amanda is the HR and there is also two workers (Tim and Dave) who spent all day playing, watching porn and no sellings. As the Sales go down, the boss ordered a new guy (Max) to make things work. Max, is Evan's nemesis being Amanda old boyfriend.

But after the arriving of Max things started to look different. Workers became more efective and selling like never before.

What did I enjoy in the movie? Almost everything. It's not a movie that I would see again but it entertain me and made me smile with some situations...

It's not horror per se, there is a lot of gore and killing but mostly it's comedy. Even the dying parts it's comedy. There are some cliches like in my own callcenter. The janitor who nobody knows the name, the security guard who drinks redbull like water, the working hard collegues, the not so working ones, the boss who want more sales and so on...

Evan an Tim are the stars here but Max and Amanda also have some nice parts. 

If you want a movie to pass the time and you enjoy comedy and horror this is it. If you work in a callcenter then this is it. But if you don't enjoy blood don't watch it. It has a lots of it.

Music from elevators are really something aren't they?

Director: Brian James O'Connell
Writers: Dr. God, Ryan Mitts

Fran Kranz ... Evan
Pedro Pascal ... Max
Joey Kern         ... Tim
Joel Murray ... Ted
Emma Fitzpatrick ... Amanda
Yvette Yates ... Zabeth
Justin Ware ... Andrew
Marshall Givens .. Frank
David F. Park ... Dave

the all gang (With the exception of the black guy..................... !!!)
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