Movie Review: Berkshire County

This is a horror movie. No doubt about it.
So, it's Halloween and
After putting the children to bed she answers the door where a little child wearing a pig mask is treat or trick and she is assaulted but escaped.
She ask for help via mobile phone but it's seems this rednecks can screw your mobile phone... I wonder...

A girl called Kylie do a blowjob on a popular guy on school. Of course he taped and told them all around school. Everyone knew including teachers and the girl's mother.

she went to babysit a boy and a girl in a house that look like a castle.

So, what we get is a mansion and a girl and two children are hidden from 3 persons... I don't think no matter how big the house they would eventually be found but...

The characterization... well I don't know. I didn't enjoy the main character and her relation with the boy who filmed her doing a blowjob and now wants her help because he is on a verge of being expelled. 

What I didn't enjoy as well was the ending.... too darn easy for the girl and what was the purpose of the pig guys? They make meat with people? Probably... Why not kill the victims on the spot? Why go to that rich house ?

Nevertheless, an entertaining a hour and a half.... see and forget!

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