Movie Review: The Inhabitants 2015

Title: The Inhabitants 2015 
Time: 1h38
Genre: Horror

A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an historic bed and breakfast in New England only to discover that the old house is hiding a dark secret within its walls.

This tale has only two characters. There are others who appear in the story but are almost irrelevant. 
The first part of the movie is focused on Jessica (Elise Couture-Stone) and the second part on Dan (Michael Reed).

First of all I must say that this book has some cliches. Some of them seen quite often... Some city folk buy a country house with a strange past and start to possess/infect/kill... There also some screet rooms. Oh... the female is the "bad" guy. But....

A married couple buys an old bed & breakfast from an old lady who is retiring - she is a little crazy. So as they start to arrange the house the husband has to go to the city on work. Jessica start to uncover some hidden things about the house and it's possessed by a witch that had live since the XVII (hanged for killing children).As Dan returns he realizes that something is strange with his wife. As he starts to uncover some mysteries (one of them that the old owner had some cameras in each room). But Dan realizes that probably the cameras where not that to spy on the women who stay there but to tape the witch as she attack. 

Since she possessed Jessica  (probably because the old owner was removed from the house) did the witch possessed/killed the other women? 

I think this book is weak. Weak because with 1h40m long it should had more tension, more story on the characters and on the house. This movie should have been at most 50m. Probably less. 

In a scale of ten I will give three (3) because I didn't enjoy Jessica or Dan. Well, I liked the Dog. I hope he survived.

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