Movie Review: Z for Zachariah

You've got only three characters. John Loomis  (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Caleb (Chris Pine) and Ann  Burden (Margot Robbie) - look at the name of ann.... Ann Burden... A  Burden? . And we didn't need anybody  else. Btw, this is based on a book but it's a bit  different.

In the book there are TWO characters (Mr. Loomis and Ann) and Mr. Loomis is what we call evil. In the end Ann escapes the valley and Loomis was left alone. The movie it's a different. I think the approach of the movie is also a good one, remember that the writer had died so the screenplay was done by someone else. Maybe they wanted a new approach... don't know.

Well the story begins with Ann discovering and  helping Mr Loomis who was taking a bath in a  radioactive pool. They start taking off, she even make a move on him but he said that they should wait because things could become awkward. 

Afterwards another man appears Caleb. A religious guy like Ann and they start to become very close with Mr Loomis became envious. After a drunk night when Mr Loomis and Ann was getting naked he felt asleep... hey don't blame him. It has happen to everyone...  So, obvisouly she sleeps with Caleb (?!?). 

Well, they were builting a wheel to put on a waterfall and have electricty. When they are finish and Caleb is being hoisted by Mr Loomis he slips twice. On the second time they look each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds before the image fades to black. The next image Mr Loomis tells Ann that Caleb has left. The ending deals with Ann opening the refrigerator and seeing it empty but with a light.

So, what happens with Caleb? Nobody knows. Not even the director I bet. Mr Loomis killed Caleb or Caleb left knowing that Mr Loomis could have killed him if he wanted and so he was the better man for Ann?

What about Ann? There are a couple of theories...
- Ann knew Mr Loomis had killed Caleb (she knew he could be a dangerous person when he force unto her (not doing nothing in the but...))? or the second theory because as she open the fridge she saw light but also empty. Is this an implication that the food store there was gone taken by Caleb and Mr Loomis did not kill Caleb?

There a lot of theories and none are wrong or correct for that matter. A Schrödinger's cat situation...

Talking about cats. What happened to the Dog Faro that was present in the beginning of the movie? It just dissappears after Mr Loomis appear. Maybe it's a way to think - we only care about animals until a human catchs our eyes... (or maybe I am over thinking it).

If I had to give a rating... I would give 6 of 10. Good story and charaterization. Nice setting but unfortunally they didn't gave much information of what happened or why. Good ending. I think it for a movie with one hour and half it could have much more interaction between the characters. It felt long. 

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