Thoughts XXIV - The end of the European Union?

If this was not a tragic event, I tell that this could be a good book on a dystopia... the terrorists attacks on Paris is another dagger in the back of European Union. 

Europe will change. Believe me. I am telling this for years... the nationalist parties are going to rise on europe. Mainly in the Eastern European Union, the nordic countries, Austria, France and Holland.

The unlimited circulation inside Europe will end. The Syrians refugees are going to take the blame by the people (but probably not by the politicians and mass media). The close borders are going to continue. France is not the first. Remember Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia (even if they are not from EU) and UK.  

UK will leave the European Union. The UK people didn't enjoy being on EU (they aren't even with the Euro) and this is the last drop...

Then, the Front National from France will get some majority and try to leave the Euro, and if that happens, well, when it happens the Euro will fall. Germany will not be able to be on the front of the Euro alone. Every other nation is weak compare to them. The Euro exists because of Germany and France.

Believe me when I tell you... European Union will end in this format at least. Maybe falling to ancient CEE (European Economic Community)

- We are not meant to live in this global community. We are too different. If all european countries have different ideals, heck even inside each country and each political party so why hoping for a global community? This is only the beginning I am afraid....

We are all humans. We are all meant to live. Everyone deserves his place. There is no political party or religion or belief more important than the other. Each of us has a right to express his own ideals... But I Am afraid we are not meant to live in a global community. We are meant to live on this world but each community should try to live within themselves and trade ideas, points of views, goods and other things with every country... But not as this melting pot. Remember Rome. They try to do it. Too blend all religions and political ideas with a single Imperium.... and they felt. This is the second Imperium of Rome... and it will fail. We are too different...

This is my opinion for all it's worth. Many will view it as a nationalist racist why but that's not me. I believe that everyone has the right to live with his own ideas. The problem is the mixing... This is only lead to a dark age or worse... a police state.
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