Movie Review: Another World

Alright. I have a great conflict in mind on how to rate this movie. So let me write the review and the grade will come.

This movie deals with an apocalpytic event that bring zombies into existence. Of course, they are here to eat us. One thing I find odd was that a lot of time has happened but still there is electricity. There aren't many survivors and only 5 protagonists.

In the beginning we have the colonel and the wizard. Then they find the Doctor and the Daughter. As you watch the movie you see that each one represents something different. The colonel can represent life as a struggle. A political-economic way. The Wizard represents inovitation and sees life as a puzzle. The Doctor as love and healer of both mind and body and the daughter as someone who can see the bright side of life ignoring hardship and pain.

There is a fifth character, the antagonist, that I don't understand what it represents besides being almost chaotic in existence.

Another interesting thing was each day had a transition with a radio program of a man dealing with the extinction of dinosaurs and we can see similarities. The same happens with the intro of each day with Genesis references. There a lot of interest points, the evil vs good, the moral responsability, extiction, euthanasia, the begining of the world and it's ending. It's all very nice. 

But, unfortunally the movie is more than that. They are also chasing and killing zombies, running from place to place and that was, suprisingly boring because it was just fillers. Something to transition one day to another. They add nothing. And the special effects? Horrible. Almost Syfy... but worst. And the ending? Didn't enjoy it. First the Doctor day (the love and compassion) and then the Colonel in one death sequence of 7m were he berates everyone in existence. It's an awful scene. Way to long to someone who is dying...

We can understand the reason of those two characters dying and only the Wizard and the Daughter surviving but it was weak. Sorry.

After reviewing the movie, I cannot say this was a zombie movie but a existencialist / philosofical movie - with zombies. 

Another thing that upset me was the language they used. It's a cast of israelities and english so why try to speak with an american accent? 
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