Movie Review: Goosebumps 2015

Goosebumps (2015) - What a nice film. If you are like me that read a lot of those juvenil horror novels than you surely enjoy this movie. If you like a mix of comedy and harmless horror then you enjoy this movie. It's one of those movies that everyone in the family can watch together.

For those who don't know about the books, let me tell you a story. RL Stine is now over 70 and by 2008 he had sold more than 400 million books.  Just to give you an example Agatha Christie hve sold 2 billion books (that's the top with shakespeare) and then we are down to Danielle Steele with 120 books sold 500 milion books. JK Rowling sold between 350 to 450 millions. RL Stine have sold more than 400 millions divided by more than 400 novels. So that's saying much. His most famous series were undoubtly Goosebumps with more than 150 novels (bear in mind that this novels had around 120 pages and others around 50 pages). Then he also wrote Fear Street with more than 100 divided in several series. There a lot of series and I bet that even him doesn't know all his series. He published one book per month or more throughout 90's. That's why in the movie there is comedy scene where he says to the boy "I write fast but not that fast". Most if not of all books were written to children or juvenil audiance. I've read a book last year and this book is not for adults. The book is quite weak but to children's is good. 

Well the plot of this movie is like one of those goosebumps books. Zach (Dylan Minette) and his mother are new in a small town. There Zach meets Hannah portrayed by the beautiful Odeya Rush and her spooky father Jack Black. After some adventures Hannah is grounded by her father. Zach who thinks the father is beating her storms his house and with the help of Champ discover a shelf with a lot of locked books. Curiosity takes advantage of them and they open one of those book unleashing the abominable snowman. After escaping the house, Hannah, Jack and Champ (short for Champion) capture the beast with the help of Hannah's father who is later revealed to be author of Goosebumps's R. L. Stine.

Incidently they release the Slappy the Living Dummy who stole all RL Stine books and release all monsters on the little town. After some adventures they discover that the only way to capture all beasts would be if RL Stine wrote a book depicting that scenario. Unfortunally, Zach discovers that Hannah is also a creation of RL Stine.

The ending of the movie, after all monsters were captured (including Hannah) RL Stine goes to Zach school to teach English. There he reveals that he has written a last book where he gave life to Hannah. The ending we see his typewriter writing on a paper "The Return of Invisible boy" - this also remembers the open ending in some RL Stine books.

So, what did I thought? 

I think this is a great movie to watch in an afternoon with the family. Jack Black is a great actor and he really gave life to RL Stine and the movie. This is comedy.
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