Movie Review: We Are Still Here

So this another horror movie I've watch over this last week. This is good horror movie but it felt in the end that nothing new was done to innovate. 

This movie is set on 70's as a Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) are  going to live to New England because their son has just died and they didn't want to continue to live on their previous house.

They are greeted by a man who says that particular house belong to Dagmar but he was killed after being condemned of selling bodies to universities.  

But the town has some hidden secrets of them own and it's seems the house kills each 30 years. It's here that lays the true interesting part of the novel. It's seems it's not the house itself, or Dagmar but something more evil and old. It's a unnamed darkness that wants a sacrifice or else the town it's sacrificed.

The ending was good but how the ghost of their dead son was more powerful than an quasi-god is beyond me. Nevertheless a good story. No more than 1h20 and advisable to anyone who enjoys horror and some gore. Barbara Crampton is the real catch here. With 57 years she still is a beauty and a good performance.

One interesting thing, not particular with this movie, but it seems New England is probably the place with more horror stories of american writers/producers... I wonder why (Lovecraft and King I'm looking at you)
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