Omega 2015

2015 was a year that changed a lot my life.
First and most important of all - I had a son in June 21 (my firstborn called Guilherme). There aren't any photos of him in the web because myself and my wife decided that way.

The second and third situation are interlinked. Why?
Because since June 21 I only read from beginning to the end - two books but I've watch more movies and series than the previous years combined. What I want from 2016 is the balance that includes reading, watching movies/series and playing board games which I started this year as well.

So, what were my favourite books, movies and boardgames.

- Boardgames 
This one is easy. Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror are my favourite and I can't get enough.... unfortunally time at home is rather scarce... Myth as a lot of potential but only after the 2.0 rules. I've been waiting for 2 years for that. Shadows of Brimstone are a good dungeon crawler boardgame with a mix of  lovecraftian, cowboy themes. 

- Books
I've heard some audiobooks and I enjoy hearing but only those books that I don't want to buy but still want to read them. One of my favorite audiobook was Tarkin (Star Wars), My top five favourite books of 2015 have four from 40K universe. The re-read of Death World then Darkcreed and Dark Disciple from Anthony Reynolds. Relentless was also a good novel and Konrad from Warhammer universe. Steven Erikson's Wilful Child a Star Trek pastiche was another good novel. Now for the worst of 2015 we've got Abortion Arcade, some Judge Dredd audiobooks and incredibly Outlander by Matt Keefe (Necromunda setting in the 40K universe).

Movies and Series
Well Star Wars: the Force Awakens was one of those movies that destroyed part of my fantasy vision of Star Wars. Disney made it clear that this is their world and not George Lucas. They want to make it crystal clear of that. I enjoyed and I want to see the next movies BUT my beautiful universe of 20 years was shattered... This year it happened on two universes. First Warhammer and now Star Wars. I hope that as the time passes I can understand the changes and try to enjoy the new Star Wars. 

Now about the series...
I've watch and re-watch a lot of series. Let us begin
X-Files - with the new series coming January I've try re-watching the previous series and oh boy I enjoy them now as much as 20 years ago
Sliders - Another great series that I really enjoy. 15 years ago I only watch the first three seasons so I am eagerly devouring all series. It's unfortunate that Arturo dies on season 3. He was my favourite character. 

Now, new series I am watching
Z Nation - Excelent zombie comedy series. They are not trying to be Walking Dead. Review to come (Third Season coming in 2016)
12 Monkey - Only watch the first episode, it's on my to watch list. I enjoy the movie and this first episode was a remake of part of the movie.
Arrow  I only watch the first season and it was quite good. I really tried to watch the second season. 
Ash Evil Dead - Only watch the first episode and it's a keeper
Colony - Watch the pilot this month and really enjoy it. It's a keeper as well.
Dominion - Was one of the first series I've watch after my baby was born but I stop watching at the second episode. I shall watch it because I really enjoy it. It's set 25 years after the scenes in the movie...
Gotham - I watch the first 15 with my wife but then stopped. Can't understand why. I shall start again.
Helix Good sci-fi series that were canceled in second season. I watch 4 eps from the second season then stop. Must end.
Killjoys Watched the first two episodes from a 10 episode series. Bounty-hunters sci-fi theme. Excelent.
Mr Robot  Really enjoy this sensational series. Only watched the first episode.
Overlord This anime series were great. Depiciting a player in the future that it's made flesh, sort of, on his personage in the world he was for several years. 
Rail Wars - A beautfiul series about trains, girls and nothing else. Not that good but I watch the 12 ep series.
Isuca - 13 episodes of pure nonsense. I made a lenghtly review here... 
Riddle Story of Devil 12 episodes series were quite good.
Scream - Probably my favourite series of the year. Slasher series based on the movie Scream. Excelent characters and ending. Eagerly waiting for the next series.
Seraph of the End - Excelent anime series about an apocalpytic world where vampires rule the earth. Watch the first season in a couple of days. must watch the second season.
Sleepy Hollow - Watch two episodes then gave up.
The Expanse - Based on sci-fi novels that I won't be reading I am devouring these series. Quite good.
The Knight in the Area - 37 anime soccer theme episodes of .... nothing. These series are quite good but then they ended in a clinfhanger with no second series coming... Dissapointing.
The Librarians - They continue the stories of the three movies made so far. Excelent, witty, funny. I am watching as they are being release. Each series has only 10 episodes.
The Man in the High Castle - based on book by Philip K Dick I really enjoy the pilot then no news.. 10 months later the episodes were released. Must watch them. Made by Amazon.
The Strain based on three novels I've read last year. I watch 21 episodes of the 26 made. Must watch the rest.
The Whisper - watch the first episode than read that the series once cancelled after one season which made me stop.
Wayward Pine was another of my favourite shows. With 10 episodes of a world that nothing is what it seems. It's a thriller, action, apocalypytic, spy, sci-fi and other genres.Matt Dillon is on good actor!
Zoo is another great series that only had 13 episodes. Devoured as they were coming out... Excelent
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