Boardgame Arkham Horror - Session 01 - 1/4 - Ancient One Yibb-Tstll

So, I will try a new thing. Try to go a detailed playthrough of my experience playing Arkham Horror.Everything was random so I choose 4 investigators, which are 

Tony Morgan; Hank Samson; Daisy Walker & Diana Stanley and the Ancient One invading Arkhma is  no other than Yibb-Tstll which made me cringe because If I don't close the gates I am as good as dead because His attack is one of the worst for my characters - The first player rolls dices equal to his focus. If he does not roll at least one successs he is devoured if he rolls two or more sucessess he is blessed. Well looking at my investigators all of them have two focus and one has one focus... so the odds are not that good. At least I will survive at least four rounds.

The other upsetting thing about him is that he has 11 doom tokens and it takes twice as many successes to remove a doom token, so with four investigators I have to roll 4 successes for each doom token - so now I have to roll 8 successes for each doom token - 8 x 11 = 88 successes in maybe four turns? Highly improbable...

And then the Combat rating... X = Clues on board which normally won't be more than a couple of them, so that's good.

 So, who is Yibb-Tstll..The Drowner - is an obscure god, said to watch at the center of all time as the universe revolves. Because of this insight, only Yog-Sothoth is said to be wiser. Its blood, the Black, is a weapon which takes the form of black snowflakes that stick to and smother a victim. This is stated in The Caller of the Black. The god's touch causes an instant change in the person affected—this change is usually fatal but occasionally brings some benefit. Yibb-Tstll is sometimes described as an immobile, dark, tentacled entity with a pulpy, alien head, detached eyes, and large bat wings under which countless Nightgaunts suck black milk from its innumerable breasts. 

And our dear, poor investigators?

Tony Morgan didn't know what it was that he'd killed, but it had nearly taken his arm off at the shoulder, and he still couldn't quite control his trembling at the touch of water.The thing had the form of a man, more or less, but it had been covered in loathsome scales and slime, like some horrid creature of the deep. Miles from the sea, it had made for the river when it scented him on its trail. The abomination stank of salt water, rotten fish, and the blood of the farm animals it had mutilated to sate its unwholesome hunger.He should've let it go when it dove into the river, but he'd never let a bounty escape before, and he hadn't been about to start then. Drawing his knife, he'd gone in after it, and everything had become a blur of blood, shrieking horror, and muddy water.Three days later, he'd awakened in the hospital, muttering to himself and shaking with a mixture of fear and anger over his escaped quarry.After two weeks, the doctors have finally declared him fit enough to leave and get back to his hunt. But this time, his prey isn't human, whatever it is.

He starts with 3 clue tokens, 6 dollars, Holy Water a Molotov Cocktail, Handcuffs and +1 Will. Not that good of start because both his weapons are discard after use.

Hank Samson as he was growing up on his parents' farm, it soon became obvious that Hank was more of a doer than a thinker. He wasn't stupid, exactly, he just didn't spend a lot of time thinking things through before he did them. A lot of the time, this tended to get him in trouble.Then again, sometimes it came in handy, like it had in the last month when he heard the cows panicking. Picking up his shotgun, Hank rushed outside, only to see some kind of giant buzzard thing attacking the cattle. Now, some might have questioned their own sanity at the sight while others might have fainted away in sheer horror. But Hank, he just took aim and blew the darn thing's head off. It only occurred to him later to wonder just what it had been.When Pa saw the corpse, he told Hank that they were going to take it to a Professor he knew at Miskatonic University. So, they crated it up, drove to the nearest train station, and hopped a train to Arkham.Only, things haven't gone so well since then. First, the crate vanished off the train, and then Pa went missing when he went to complain about the missing crate.As Hank grows tired of waiting at the General Store where his Pa told him to meet up if they got separated, he wonders if he might not have to start doing a little thinking after all.

Hank Sansom starts with 1 clue token; 3 dollars; Food; Dark Cloak; Cavalry Saber & Elder Sign - Very nice start and probably he is going to be our tanker destroying everyone and everything because he passes automaticaly the first horror check.

Daisy WalkerBooks have always been the most important thing in Daisy's life. She started reading tales of horror at a young age, thrilling to the terror of Edgar Allen Poe, of Stoker's Dracula. She explored in fiction what she abhorred in life-- horror, violence, fear.Then, she stumbled across the John Dee edition of the Necronomicon. It was macabre indeed. It was also blasphemous, unholy, and too awful to be real. Frankenstein and "The Raven" were forgotten. The chills that ran down Daisy's spine were not those of a forbidden pleasure. A new horror was born in her mind, a terror that such things could be.There were more books after that-- De Vermiis Mysteriis, Cultes des Goules-- each worse than the last. She read them all in a mounting panic. Could they be real? Could the things they spoke of be true?Now she knows it to be so. The Thing that appeared in library was something she'd read about in the Ponape Scripture. If the Thing was real, then everything she'd read about might be real... in which case Daisy is the only one who knows how to stop it.

She starts with 1 clue token, 5 dollars; +1 fight; Wither spell; Livre d'Ivon (she can get any spell she wants) and Yithean Rifle. She can be a monster killer or a magician. Either way - nice one.

Diana Stanley moved to Arkham two years ago. As the owner of a small women's clothing shop, she wanted to fit into the community as quickly as possible. Therefore, she joined the Chamber of Commerce, the Women's league, and the Historical Society. Her efforts were clearly paying off since business was booming, and just a few months ago Carl Sanford invited her to join a very elite club in Arkham-- the Silver Twilight Lodge.Her initial joy at the invitation has since turned to horror. The weekly meetings have been growing ever more disturbing since she advanced to the second rank of the Order, and her sleep has become haunted by nightmarish beings. Last week she actually witnessed the summoning of a dark creature and learned that an evil plot to summon what Sanford refers to as an Ancient One was in motion. It was at that moment that Diana decided to not only get away from the Order, but also to stop them. She is aware that when the Order finds out what she's doing they'll come for her, but she sees this as her only chance for redemption, whatever the cost.

Items: 4 dollars; 2 clue tokens; Cavalry Saber (+2 Combat); Call Friend; +1 Lore and Silver Twilight Membership.

She is considered one of the worst characters because she starts with little or no items. But she is got some special abilities that could make her one of the best. She is got Dark Insight which she gain 1 sanity or 1 stamina each time a doom token is added and one clue token with the rise of each terror track so she can be a gate closer or tank. Let us see.

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