Boardgame Arkham Horror - Session 01 - 3/4 - Ancient One Yibb-Tstll

Daisy Walker 
Here we go for part three. This is not turns but sessions I play because my time is very limit every time...

Well the phases on Arkham Horror are:
Arkham Encounters
Other World Encounters

Let me put a small remind of how things were done... I messed the names of the characters last playthrough and I will rectifiy...

Tony Morgan with 4 clues
Hank Samson 1 clue + 1 elder sign

Diana Stanley 4 clues
Daisy Walker 4 clues

With 2 Gates and 6 Monsters and one clue on the board

I ended on Mythos phases...and a gate appears with a Witch unfortunately I messed up and made two mythos phases :X and a new monster surge appear with 4 monsters and all of them going to outskirts. Being the limit my Terror increased to 1. A ally goes away...
Diana Stanley

Tony Morgan discovers a Cabala of  Saboth, Hank Sanson go around town, Diana Stanley loses two stamina after seeing something horrible and Daisy Walker had a breakthrough she gains a Warding Statue and a Ruby Standish ally card and with it came a magic sword called Golden Sword of Y'ha-Talla which the owner exhaust and gain +5 combat check. Afterwards a gate appears but fortunally two monsters return to the cup and the flying polyp went to the sky.

So we've got 4 gates, 3 monsters and 2 clues...

Next phase I didn't record much but one gate was closed by Hank Samson who used is elder sign.

The day Tony Morgan is still trying to discover some clues and Hank Samson is thrown to the streets where he destroyed an Elder Thing and one Spectral Hunter! It was epic. Because he is so unafraid of  those monsters he has one try to destroy them with a combat check. I was really impressed and must give him some weapons to continue his slaughter. With Diana Stanley everything went wrong... she drew an encounter card that said that she could return to arkham and each time a gate opens a clue must be put on that card, and draw a spell. If there are 5 clue tokens she is devoured! At least she gets one spell and +1 fight and afterwars she will not lose anything from casting spells... This is really a double edged sword...

Tony Morgan defeated a Star Spawn (Again), Daisy Walker finally got up on other world encounter and she try to close the gate uncessufully... I must read the rules because I don't understand the star vampire. Does it attack her after or before she tries to close the gate? Well, nevertheless it attacked and dfamaged her. I failed to close the gate but I drew an encounter card which gave me a elder sign... should I had drew the encounter or my encounter was to close the gate??

Well I've got the following possessions...

Tony Morgan 3 clues | 11$ | 7 Stamina | 3  Sanity
Hank Samson 1 clue   | 8$  | 2 Stamina | 4  Sanity   - Gate & Monster Token

Diana Stanley 4 clues  | 13$ | 3 Stamina | 3  Sanity  - Elder Sign
Daisy Walker 4 clues  | 2$ | 1 Stamina |  5 Sanity

6 Gates | 5 Monsters | 2 Clues | 1 Terror | 1 Monster Sky | 3 Monsters Outskirts

One more Gate and kaput!

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