Shadows of Brimstone: Playthrough 1 - Chronicles of Jurgen West & Herbert Herring

Chronicles of Jurgen West & Herbert Herring

The first time I knew about Jurgen and Herbert was in the Town of Brimstone. They were the Law and Order of that small town. One was a Lawman and the other was a passing US Marshall. They were both investigating on strange things happening around the new city of Brimstone. It all began after some miners disappeared.

Jurgen and Herbert went to the mines to investigate what was happening. One of the oldest miner was outside and told them that the problem had began after they encountered some strange minerals. Beasts appear from out of nowhere shortly after they vanish in smoke. Some miners disappear there was no way out. Jurgen, the lawman asked why he wasn't informed and the miners shrugged saying that life in the mines of west were pretty cheap. Some chinese or indians were of no importance to anyone. Even other people leaving wasn't that strange. There were no contracts and people work and were pay per day, per work.

They had request and some people had appeared and left in fright. First was a priest to bless the mine and vanish the demons but to no avail. Then they had request the help of other people but none appear.

Jurgen cocked his pistol and Herbert unslung his shotgun and entered the mines...

They traveled through the mines shoulder to shoulder. Jurgen with only a peacemaker pistol had a lantern and herbert was protecting with his shotgun. One thing they start to feel after the light from the entryway dissapear was that something was there with them. Something ominous was messing with their heads and senses. Eerie light was coming from some passages just to find nothing... There was strange sounds indeed.

Night Terrors
The first thing that ambush them was some strange tentacles coming out from the ground. Neither of them had fighting nothing like it. They suffered but banished them. Just after kiling them and trying to get their wits together undead appear. Some of them were miners some were Indians and other skeleton with no discernible cloth. They both were very shaken by them but they were slow. But it seems the US Marshall Herbert was not so shaken and kill most of them.

After discovering some of the strange stones that they amassed to get to the city they met something they were not able to tell afterwards. Something from the dark - bluish thing that was akin to what the indians called a Windigo. But that was not all. Something that afterwards they would called stranglers attack them. Stranglers because they had two arms as a human but also two other things that would grab them. Their mouth was huge fill of teeth. There was also two beasts akin to crab but with two big claws they later called Slashers. 

After some cuts and bruises they shot them all. Afterwards they left the town but to find something strange had happened. It seems that
they were on the mines for only a day but the town of Brimstone had been attacked...

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