Shadows of Brimstone: Playthrough 2 - Chronicles of Jurgen West & Herbert Herring

Chronicles of Jurgen West & Herbert Herring

As Jurgen and Herbert arrive at the city they saw some of the buildings destroyed. As they went to the Salloon several faces throughout the town turn to them in surprise. In there the salloon girl Jane embraced Jurgen and asked where have they been. All other heads turn to face them. Jurgen and Herbert told her that they had been on the mines and they had battle strange beings and even collected several of the dark stones. When Jane ask them why they had been out for a fortnight they were shocked. 

"We left yesterday in the morning." said Jurgen "I said fairwell to you. Don't you remember?"
"Yes I remember" said Jane " but it was not yesterday. It was two weeks ago."
"That can be true" interrupted Herbert.
"Everybody here knows that to be true Jurg. It was a fortnight that you left... what happened to you?"
"I... I don't know." 

"Maybe I can help." said a voice coming from the darkness of the Saloon. A tall indian with a great axe came forward.
"And who might you be friend?" said Jurgen
"He is Lane the Tracker" interrupted Jane. "He came about ten days ago with a warning. He and his friend Juanito, a mexican, came to warn us that something strange was happening. Several towns had been destroy and the trail lead back to Brimstone. We didn't believe him in the begining but some people took precautions and that's what save us. The beasts attack us. They weren't wolves or coyotes but beasts from hell. Some had more than two arms and others had shells that protect them from shots. But we hold our ground. If it wasn't for Lane, Juanito and the Gunslinger we would all be dead. His marksmanship was flawless."
" Gunslinger?" ask Herbert"
"Yes It is I Herring."

Herbert Herring took out his shotgun and point it to the Gunslinger. 
"At long last I found you"
"No. I found you." Said the gunslinger cockily.
"What are you doing" Ask Jane "He help us. If it wasn't for him we would all be dead"
"I don't care. I've been searching for him for two years. Pass every town from the east coast through here." he step closer to the gunslinger
"I won't you do that" said Jane vehemently stepping and putting her between the US Marshall and the Gunslinger.
"Neither will I" said another voice in the crowd
"Or I" said several other voices.

Herbert Herring stop moving towards the Gunslinger and address the people.
"He is a fugitive and a killer and I am US Marshall sent to capture and judge him. That is the law."

Some people voice their opinion that the Gunslinger help them and it was wrong for him to arrested him now. Herbert knowing he was outnumbered and outgunned withdrawn but vow to the Gunslinger he would still be captured when all of this was over. The Gunslinger just smiled. His dark cloak and hair blending with the darkness of the saloon.

The Indian then told them that he had heard stories of people being on places and for them only a day had passed but it was far longer to the rest of the world. He gave to both the Lawman and the US Marshall some trinkets from his tribe that would prevent that to happen. He had given as well to the Gunslinger, the Mexican and to the saloon girl.

They also learn that a lot had changed and they head to the frontier post where they sold the dark stone because some wanderer was buying them and he warn them that they should carry many of the stones because it could corrupt and mutate them. 

They purchase one pickaxe and a cavalry sabre and they went again to the mines to solve what was happening. The indian said that there was a ancient being that his tribe called The Darkness. It was trap there but the miners had free it. He also said that heir minds twist the information they had previously so every time they went to the mines it would feel that the layout of the mine had change. He also said that sometimes portal open and could lead them to other worlds...

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